Curtains were first invented out of necessity rather than for fashion or pulling a room together. The first curtains were made out of animal hides and used primarily to keep rooms warm before central heating was created. We’ve certainly come a long way from hanging animal hides on hooks.

Today, there are thousands of options when it comes to window treatments. From curtains of many fabrics to blinds and shutters, windows have endless style options. Having the right window treatments can really transform a space and take it from good to great. We’ve rounded up some common problems that can be easily fixed by using the right window treatment.

Problem: Your room gets too much sun.

While this may not seem like a problem to most, a room being too bright can cause major sleep issues for some. Consider those who work shifts and try to catch up on sleep during the day, or homes with bedroom windows that face the early rising summer sun, especially kids rooms. Temporary fixes like a sleep mask won’t ensure a good night’s (or day’s) rest when the sun comes blasting through at the crack of dawn.

Solution: Blackout curtains.

Ever wonder why you get such a good night sleep at a hotel? It’s likely because they use blackout curtains. Blackout curtains use fabric that is foam backed and helps to block out much more light than regular curtains. Despite what the name might suggest, blackout curtains do not have to be black and come in many different varieties that will match any home. If curtains aren’t your thing, try blackout blinds. Either option is perfect for a bedroom, living room or any room that gets too much sunlight in your home.

Window Treatments

Model Space Designs, EkoCouture Custom Drapes, and Budget Blinds of South East Toronto.

Problem: Awkward windows.

Have you ever looked at a window and thought, “Who decided a port hole above a staircase was a good idea?” Well, some designer did, and while we might not always understand windows that are installed at sharp angles or in areas that are near impossible to reach, there’s always a solution.

Solution: Custom coverings.

While you might think that custom blinds or curtains are a costly option, they’ve become a lot more common and less expensive. When you’ve got a particularly tricky or unique window that won’t fit out of the box blinds, you’re going to have to go custom. Another tip when it comes to oddly shaped or located windows, keep your treatments in the same fabric. This can make the odd window out look like it’s meant to be there. Consider doing the same fabric even if the shapes are different to unify the space.

Window treatments

Blue house custom blinds and shutters by Sunset Blind & Shade.

Problem: Mismatched window treatments.

You wanted to give each room its own personality, so you went a little crazy with the patterns. Suddenly you notice your leopard print curtains and bright orange polka dot drapes make the front of your house look more like a fun house than your home.

Solution: Shutters behind curtains.

If you want your home to have a uniform look both outside and inside, try using shutters. Use them on their own, or put shutters behind your curtains in every room. The use of the same shutters throughout gives the house a cohesive look. Below you will see a homeowner who did just that.

Window treatments

Shutters in multiple rooms by M3 Design Group.

Problem: High and small windows.

This is a common issue found in basements. Sure, there are actual windows that let in some natural light, but they can be awkward to design around.

Solution: Illusion of longer windows.

Ceiling to floor curtains will give the illusion of bigger windows especially when they’re pulled. If you have particularly nosey friends, they’ll only find out the windows are small if they purposely pull back the drapes. Having full-length curtains in your basement room will also help it feel less like a basement and make the walls seem longer and the ceilings higher, which is always a bonus.

Window treatments

Basements and bedrooms with high small windows.

Problem: Lack of privacy outside.

If you’re lucky enough to have a porch, back deck, or balcony, you probably love spending time out there. While you love the extra space, you probably don’t love the wandering eyes of your neighbours.

Solution: Hang curtains outside.

Put up curtains outside to give some space and privacy between you and your neighbours. Not only does adding curtains outside create privacy, it also transforms the outdoor space into another living space. Bonus room without the reno.

Window treatments

Balconies, decks and porches using curtains outside.

If you have window problems that need solutions, check out our Shutters & Blinds or Drapery & Curtain categories and get quotes instantly. You can also check our Windows Pinterest board for style inspiration and find pictures of previous work done by HomeStars’ companies.

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