“Anyone that’s ever had their kitchen done over knows that it never gets done as soon as you wish it would.” – Ronald Reagan

My wife and I out to do our best to prove Mr. Bonzo is wrong – you see, rather than go south this year, “we” decided it would be best to invest this year. And what better place to invest than in real estate. And so a kitchen reno (bathroom was previously done) is our ’09 reno of choice.

Let me back up a sec..

My name is Jodi Showers – I’m the CTO of HomeStars. My fellow HomeStars’ partners blog often here – but between new features being built, and bugs being fixed there’s usually little time left over for me to write. So when I scheduled the reno (read: Working Vacation), Nancy said “Hey Jodi – why don’t you write about your reno experience.”

In primary school I might have authored What I Did On My Summer Vacation – now I present to you What I Did In My Spring Renovation.

Through the next 2 weeks I’ll settle down each night on the couch (while watching the Leafs‘ lose), to share with you our kitchen reno; the good, the bad, the ugly.

And while our contractor is busy toiling (and I’m looking over his shoulder, bugging him, snapping photos), I’ve got a few honey-do projects myself – building some storage cabinets, painting and carpeting our daughter’s room. If anything of interest happens in my DIY projects I’ll shamelessly share my wins and loses.

One last thought before we’re done for this first installment. Budget was key for this project – not primarily for cash flow issues, but for resale reasons. We are running up close to the maximum we can sell our house for in our neighborhood – if we blow the budget on this reno, we’ll never get the money out when we sell.

That’s it for tonite. Before the kitchen project begins next Tuesday April 14th, I have a few pre project items to share with you – kitchen design, product & contractor selection – we’ll get into all these next time.

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