My upstairs bathroom faucet had a teeny leak, so my husband bought a replacement to change it this weekend. However, when we got up this morning, the teeny leak turned into a full onslaught of water running. Worse yet, it was the hot water tap so there was no way for either of us to take a shower and leave for work. This faucet had to be changed now. It was 5:30 in the morning.

Fortunately, he purchased the equipment the day before and had the know-how to change it in under 30 min. But what if that wasn’t the case? What was I supposed to do at this hour?

Apparently I am not the only one who has been saved in an home reno emergency. I took a look at our reviews and it turns out that a lot of home owners used HomeStars in an emergency and a lot of contractors swept in to save the day. Here are a few of those stories (click on their headers to read their review):

Angie in Mississauga:

“What do you do when you have 60 children in a childcare centre and there has been a power serge with the power company and things are not looking too good?” writes Angie, owner of Angelic Treasures Christian Childcare Centre, “you call Atlas Care.” They were there fast and fixed the problem so that there was no major disruption to the children’s day. And the customer service was exceptional. Way to go Atlas Care!

Julian in Calgary:

Could you imagine a stranger changing his New Year’s Eve plans to come in and repair your furnace? Julian didn’t but that’s what he got from Brent, owner of Shift Air Mechanical. “[He] cared that I had no heat when my furnace quit on me during the holiday in minus 20 degree weather,” explains Julian. Maybe they should change their name to Shift CARE?

Amrita in Toronto:
Automatic doors are extremely convenient…but only if they work! Amrita explains that she and her husband “had managed to damage our automatic garage door system to such extent that it would not open or close.” Thankfully Danny from Morningstar Garage Doors was there in record time and was able to have everything back to working order in 45 min. “A total find!” writes Amrita.

Neville in Langley:
Moving into a new home can be exciting…but only if you have furniture! Neville explains that when their furniture was finally ready (which also happened to be the same day as his house warming) he “made an emergency call to the Move man who went beyond the call to squeeze [him] in.” Not only that, but they actually took the time to set up and move the furniture into place. Hey Move Man, every consider a career in home staging?

Have you ever had a home renovation emergency and had someone save the day? Show them your gratitude by writing a review or contact us to share your story.

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