Last week I posted an article about how to build your “Whuffie” – that is, your social capital among your customers and peers. It involves turning the bullhorn around and listening to your customers.

In this new paradigm, your customers now have a voice. They can talk about you, your services, and add to your reputation or bring it down. Your customers can now voice their criticisms and praise online, not just with HomeStars, but also on plenty of other sites on the net, such as Red Flag Deals, Smart Canucks, and other forums.

So what do you do when you get a customer criticizes you? The wrong answer is to threaten to sue them.

This morning we got word from one of our reviewers that one of our companies was threatening to sue her for a critical review. From what we can tell it seems like a valid review – a job was performed and money changed hands.

The company’s response, as has been their response in the past, is to repeatedly call the customer and threaten legal action. Does this build the company’s reputation? Would she go and tell her friends offline to use the company? I suspect not! The difference is that now the customer has social media tools, such as HomeStars, and other sites to voice her opinion. The customer could similarly post comments about the company on her personal Facebook page, or on Twitter. She could mention that the company was going to sue her.

What’s the answer? Listen, respond and engage. Make things right. Leave the customer with a good experience. Be honest and open. Explain the situation. Otherwise your actions will catch up with you.

Remember, it didn’t work in the music business, and it won’t work in home improvement.

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