When doing work on your home there are complexities in hiring someone. You have to find and compare three companies, get three estimates, call references, check them out on HomeStars.com, schedule appointments, take time off of work – the list goes on.

This list becomes compounded when you have multiple projects going on at once, especially if those projects are dependent on each other.

That’s the struggle that Ali H. in Aurora experienced. She had done an energy audit and decided to move ahead with the suggested work, despite the size and expense of the projects. In total she replaced her front door, added sidelights, had the outside of the house insulated, and replaced some windows. [For a listing of all her reviews, click here.]

Ali’s greatest challenge was that each project depended on another being completed. If one delivery date was missed, everything else was put behind.

And for her, it was more than just a missed delivery date – her front door was 16 weeks late and she had to live with it plywood nailed shut for the duration.

Her caution to readers is to understand your rights. She contacted the Ministry of Consumer Affairs to learn that according to the Consumer Protection act she could cancel completely if they don’t deliver within 30 days of the date specified.

However, a rocky start doesn’t always mean a similar ending. The attitude and demeanor of the contractor can often easily resolve an issues. As Ali wrote in her review of getting the exterior insulation done, “Overall, I am pleased with the finished product, just disappointed when someone says something will be perfect. I was skeptical, however in this case simple attention being paid to communication and a calmer approach would have resulted in a very happy customer.”

Multiple home renovations can have you at wits end for a long time, and Ali agrees that the duration of being put out can definitely make the situation worse. Planning for this is like being a full time project manager – except that you also have your other full time job to do as well. Ali says, “I appreciate having a site like Homestars…it can be very helpful with all the info that’s out there to have a site you can be confident in.”


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