‘If you have questions, go to the store. Your customers have the answers.’ – SAM WALTON, founder, Walmart

By now even the biggest skeptic has come to realize…Social Media is Powerful. It has changed the customer relationship, and created an avenue of accountability in the marketplace, exposing the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

PR professionals will say it till they are blue in the face..’You just can’t beat the third party endorsement. It will always give you the best return on investment.’  But we can’t all get written up or mentioned in the Globe and Mail every day (even though Homestars did this week, just sayin’ ;)) Social media mentions, comments and suggestions from your customers are third party endorsements too! Engaging in social media, be it in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Homestars, Trip Advisor, YouTube, is the best way to learn from our customers and prove we care about providing exceptional service! Actively listening to our customers is the best way to improve our services and build brand loyalty.

But what about the bad press we can receive? What about the complaints? How can a business benefit when we receive complaints over social media??

How you ask?? Well, who better than Homestars to tell you!…’In most situations, the best way to benefit from a complaint, is to RESPOND to it, and to RECTIFY it. Take your complaint seriously.’

Customers are going to leave your business with an opinion of the service you provided, no matter what you do.  Take the customer testimonials and suggestions for improvement that result from  an experience with your brand  and use them to your advantage.

And when it comes to responding to these social media mentions, are you wondering how and when? Whether you receive a negative comment or a big Thank You, the United States Air Force has developed a flow chart that helps to assess the best possible response!  Check it out below!




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