There is so much more to a review than whether or not it was positive or negative. Reviews might seem black or white, particularly if you are the one receiving them, but even among good reviews some are better than others. And let’s face it; nothing is as certain to close a sale like the good testimonial of a satisfied customer.

Selling Expert Jeffrey Gitomer provides some excellent advice on testimonials in his best seller The Little Red Book of Selling.

Reviews, according to Gitomer, should clearly demonstrate the value or “specific enhancement” that was provided in the service leading to the good word posted.

Beyond demonstrating value, explains Gitomer, a good testimonial will also include four additional and crucial elements: it will “show action”; dispel concern or risk; “reinforce a claim”; and end in satisfaction.

So how would a good review look? Let’s consider NepeanLaura’s recent review on Harding Heating & Air Condition.

She opens with “Approachable and no nonsense saleswomen – good pricing, with extra information given – no pulling teeth! Installation was done on schedule, in a day, and with full clean up”, which to Laura is clearly a value.

In selecting a contractor, many homeowners aren’t just concerned about the immediate needs, but how problems are handled related to the work that might arise at a later date. Laura dispels such concerns attesting “A month later I had some concerns and they returned in a very timely manner to assist with questions I had.”

Laura reinforces the claims made by Harding Heating & Air Conditioning in writing, “Couldn’t have asked for better service! I’m so glad I had 4 estimates, and even happier they made the biggest impression and lived up to it.”

Throughout all of her review, Laura is demonstrating action and also a high level of satisfaction for the services rendered.  In all, it is a great review.

So the next time you are thinking to praise someone for their good work, or solicit a customer with a pre-crafted review, consider Gitomer’s elements of a great testimonial.

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