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Here’s a list of things you should do this fall to prepare your home for winter: 


  • Furnace servicing: change filter, humidifier panel
  • Shut off outside taps
  • Drain garden hoses
  • Clean eavestroughs/gutters and downspouts to avoid flooding
  • Check flashing along eavestroughs and the roof to ensure water cannot seep through
  • Check carbon monoxide/smoke detector
  • Roof repairs
  • Fill holes on the exterior of the house to ensure critters cannot enter
  • Make sure your winter supplies are ready and in good condition: shovels, ice scrapers, salt, fuel for snow blower
  • Clean dryer vents
  • Chimney cleaning
  • Insulate exposed piping
  • Rake the leaves

And if you have time, here is the full winter-prep checklist:  

  • Fall gardening: remove annuals, plant bulbs, split perennials
  • Hire snow removal service
  • Winterize the sprinkler system
  • Duct cleaning (every two or three years)
  • Test sump pump & backwater valve 
  • Weather stripping
  • Fill cracks in driveways, walkways and on steps (they can be trip hazards that get worse when water gets inside and freezes)
  • Add extra insulation to the attic
  • Move sensitive plants indoors
  • Cover your A/C

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