Thanksgiving comes once a year but like all holidays, more preparation than you think is often involved. Whether you’re the one cooking an enormous dinner, the one eating an enormous dinner, or maybe you’re the one doing everything, there’s more than just pumpkin pie and stuffing to consider this holiday season.

Keep It Clean

Thanksgiving typically involves the whole family and loads of friends getting together to eat until they’re uncomfortably full. If you’ll be having an abundance of people stopping by or staying for dinner, you’ll want to ensure your house is clean and presentable. Spring for a house or apartment cleaning to get your space into tip-top shape before the guests arrive. If you’re more concerned about the state of your place once everyone goes home, leave the dishes to someone else and have the clean up crew arrive the Tuesday after.

Check Your Oven

Having your oven breakdown is never a good thing. Having your oven breakdown on the biggest food holiday of the year is easily the worst thing that could possibly happen. To avoid any issues, you can always have your oven checked ahead of time by a professional in your area. Check out our appliance repair category and cook those extra seven side dishes with no worries of a possible breakdown at your party.

BBQ Bird

Speaking of cooking that turkey, have you thought of barbequing your turkey before? This trendy idea became popular a few years ago but has remained a common cooking method. Not only does barbequing the turkey give it a smokey flavour, it also frees up the oven for other dishes. If you’re planning on throwing the bird into the fire, make sure your bbq is in working condition after all those summer burgers. Check out our bbq category if your que could use some maintenance this fall.

Last Minute Details

Once you’ve got your house cleaned, the turkey and all the fixings are prepared, there are a few last minute things you might want to consider. For example, did you know HomeStars has an entire category dedicated to silverware cleaning and repairing? If you feel like getting fancy this fall, break out the old family silverware and make grandma happy.

Do you have enough space for everyone? Consider going with a furniture rental service instead of buying more chairs and an extra table. Renting is an easy and cost-effective alternative and will ensure everyone has a place to sit and enjoy their meal.

Need some inspiration to get in the Thanksgiving mood? Check out our Pinterest board for Thanksgiving inspired home decor, recipes, and everything else turkey day related.

Whether you’re having the whole family over or keeping it simple with some close friends this Thanksgiving, we hope you have a delicious one!

Posted by Jessica Greaves