We just packed up from a fantastic 10 days at the National Home Show. This year we had a custom booth designed by 3 top rated companies on our site. A big thank you to John Oborne and his team at Oborne Contracting (particularly Colin who spent a couple of days in my garage building very sleek moveable 20 foot wide wall panels -see photos below). There’s no doubt this team earned the Best of 2008 and 2009 award from their happy clients. They are all wonderful professionals.

John recommended Ali at CanWood flooring, and while a new company on HomeStars John assured me they were a top flooring company he knew would do a great job. Ali installed an oak coloured laminate floor that looked (almost) as good as the real deal. Perfectly finished and it withstood a couple thousand homeowners walking through our booth over the 10 day show. Thank you Ali!

And last but not least, Joanna Kakkavas, the owner of Roomy Home Interiors furnished our booth with a chic look that made me think back to when I was 25, single with no kids (just last year :). She brought in a cool console with unique white and black wood on the side (I’ll let the photo paint the picture), a very comfy black couch that also could hide any party mishaps, and a gorgeous glass expandable dining room table with red chairs that were really comfortable, light with an classy Euro (not Ikea) look and feel. We had a ton of fun enjoying hanging out in the booth with our Perrier, Green & Black Chocolate and Starbucks coffee cards. And so did the 3,000 plus people we met who came by to write a review or hang out.

Thank you for creating a GREAT Home Show room everyone!

This Friday March 4 to Sunday March 6 we will be at the new Hamilton Ideal Home & Garden Show. Please come by  – FREE parking and another fantastic list of top rated companies. Write a review and get a 50% discount coupon to bring to the Ideal Home & Garden Show ticket booth.

Posted by Nancy Peterson

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