Whether you are renovating the whole main floor of your home or the tiny powder room off your kitchen, taking photos at every stage of the project is one of the best things you can do as a homeowner. Not only are they useful when showing off to your family and friends, but also for legal and insurance reasons. Photos add value and authenticity to your HomeStars review, so we want to see them too!

With that being said, we don’t expect you to know everything there is to know about photography. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at this guideline we have created to help homeowners like you take magazine-worthy pictures of your reno.

1. Use a tripod if possible.

No one wants to see a blurry photo taken at an angle that makes them question, what is that? Be sure to use a tripod. This is an easy way to guarantee a crystal clear shot and to ensure it is straight and level.

Photo taken from Design Happens's Homestars profile

Photo by Design Happens

2. Lighting is key!

A sunny day is the best time to photograph your newly renovated room, but if the sun isn’t available bright lighting will do. We suggest you shoot during daylight as flash tends to add shadows and uneven lighting within a room. Your shots will look cleaner as the white balance is much easier to achieve.

Photo taken from SKY Kitchen Cabinets's Homestars profile

Photo by SKY Kitchen Cabinets

3. Do not use a flash on glass.

At all costs refrain from photographing glass and windows with flash. It tends to result in an awkward reflection of yourself or a bad glare. Both things you do not want to see when you’re striving for a high-quality photo.

Photo taken from Home Decor Staging and Interior Designs Homestars profile

Photo by Home Decor Staging and Interior Design

4. Show off the whole room.

Try and include as much of the room in a shot as possible. This is important as it allows the viewer to understand how your space is arranged as a whole. By using a wide-angle lens you have the ability to capture the whole room, from floor to ceiling.

Photo taken from Rent WOW!!! Furniture for Homestagings Homestars profile

Photo by Rent WOW!!! Furniture

5. Stage the photo and set the scene.

While your home might not always look this fresh and untouched, you want your photos to show it at its best. Clear the everyday clutter from the floors and countertops. You don’t want anything taking away from your beautiful room.

Photo taken from Delco Renovations Homestars page

Photo by Delco Renovations

6.  Hydrate your garden.

When photographing a garden or landscape, be sure to water it beforehand. By doing this, your garden will come off as much more lively and bright. It also helps if you can showcase the garden when the flowers are in bloom.

Photo taken from Hogan Landscaping Incs Homestars profile

Photo by Hogan Landscaping Inc

Try one or more of these tips when it comes to photographing your own projects and you’ll be sure to notice a difference. We love seeing photos of your home projects in reviews and know the whole HomeStars Community does too. Who knows, your recent project might even be featured in our next #HomeStarsPhotooftheDay! We look forward to seeing your magazine quality photos in your next review!

Posted by Connor Cherrie