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Motion-sensor lighting is key for deterring thieves.

PRESS RELEASE – Home Stars Directory Inc. Secures Follow-on Angel Financing Round

Home Stars Directory Inc. (HomeStars.com) has secured a follow-on angel round with the Toronto Maple Leaf Angels and other angel investors.

/ September 4, 2009
Bathroom vanity built by Rebarn

Why We Love Drain Rescue

The fine folks at Drain Rescue posted a nice note on their blog "Why We Love HomeStars". We appreciate it!

/ September 1, 2009
After shot of the kitchen by Envision Custom Renovations Inc

Photos from the Habitat for Humanity Restore BBQ

Yesterday Habitat for Humanity hosted a BBQ for Toronto contractors hosted by Toolgirl, Mag Ruffman. There was Rickard Red beer sampling from the fine folks at Molson (thanks @molsontonia & @molsonferg), and the food was provided by Dukes Pubs - notably the Duke of Kent at Yonge and Eglinton. Both...

/ August 14, 2009
Finished basement by Sonoma Contracting

Toronto Life’s Best of Toronto

Toronto Life, the city's go-to magazine for all things Toronto, has issued it's best of the city. They have Best of servicea few companies in the service category focused on the home.

/ July 27, 2009
Backyard entertaining

ToolGirl Records Us a Great PSA For the Habitat Restore BBQ!

Mag Ruffman (aka Toolgirl) has recorded a great piece promoting the Habitat Restore BBQ we're having August 13th.

/ July 24, 2009

HomeStars Sponsors ReStore’s Summer BBQ

HomeStars is sponsoring the Toronto Habitat for Humanity Restore BBQ and we're bringing our friends, and they're bringing theirs, and we're going to eat, drink and get to know each other.

/ July 22, 2009
Shot taken during the renovation by Sonoma Contracting

HomeStars Helps Promote Restores to Help Habitat for Humanity

Recently HomeStars partnered with Habitat for Humanity's Toronto chapter. If you don't know who this organization is, you should. They build housing for low income families, recruiting volunteers to assist.

/ June 23, 2009
Finished basement by Remodel Construction Company

A Cautionary Story for Home Owners: Preventative Steps for Storm and Rainwater Management

It is now essential that owners familiarize themselves with the basic issues and some of the science of rainwater control, at least within the bounds of one's own property. It may not be as exciting as undertaking a new renovation, but poorly designed drainage control systems can eventually cause serious...

/ June 9, 2009
Basement bathroom by The Home Improvement People

Welcome to the Age of Smart Meters and “Time of Use” Pricing From Toronto Hydro

Using the new smart meters and monitoring electricity consumption in Ontario.

/ May 14, 2009
Outdoor Kitchen Landecks Landscaping, Flamborough, ON

Great Deals Can Be Had At a Home Show

I was just at the National Home Show in Toronto today (pretty quiet actually) and was thinking that at the end of a show, it would be an ideal time to bargain with exhibitors. After they finish a show they have to pack up all their gear and take it...

/ February 24, 2009