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Back deck French doors by Long Life Windows & Doors Ltd.

Highlighting Great Service with Truck Decals

In January we awarded our top rated companies awards based on their 2008 reviews. Of course those companies wanted to show off thier credentials, so we put together truck stickers for them.

/ April 21, 2009

The Most Valuable and Underused Social Media Tool – Reviews.

We hardly need to remind our many premium customers, especially those who won Toronto's Best of 08 awards who tell us constantly tell us how many new customers they get based on their reviews on HomeStars. This article outlines that the most valuable and under-used social media strategy is embedding...

/ March 31, 2009
After kitchen renovation by Level One Construction

Is Adding the 475th Review on a Company Helpful?

We’ve been pondering the question as to how many 10 star reviews will it take to make you feel comfortable hiring a contractor. Does it matter to you if one company has 20 reviews and another has 43? What about 474 reviews? According to a recent article written by the...

/ March 30, 2009
After the Landscaping Renovation by Distinctive Designs.

Is Our Review Moderation Similar to Globe Comment Moderation?

At Third Tuesday Toronto Mathew Ingram discussed how the Globe was using social media to connect with users. HomeStars has many similar challenges in deciding what gets posted on the site.

/ March 25, 2009
Motion-sensor lighting is key for deterring thieves.

Astroturfing Reviews – Don’t Get Caught, or Even Exposed.

We've seen a few cases this week of companies trying to pad their reviews by writing on their own company. TripHarbour.com, our colleagues just down the street, just posted a blog entry about a major PR company organizing a bunch of reviewers to pad reviews - astroturfing is what they...

/ March 13, 2009
V&F Landscape Ltd

The Yelp Model – Transparency or Dollars

We came across a great article about how Yelp, sells their service. It’s a good read for our customers. There’s some interesting points about ‘adjusting the reviews’ for their paying customers. Although they do not remove the bad reviews for their clients, they will reorder them to have the good...

/ November 22, 2008