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Asking For Reviews – My Vacation Story

I just got back from vacation. I went to a beautiful resort in southern Belize called Cottontree Lodge. It's owned by a couple friends of mine, one who lives down there full time and another who lives in New York and does the bookings, fills the rooms and does the...

/ February 18, 2009
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How Online Reviews Have Raised the Bar on Service

Steve Kaufer, the founder of Tripadvisor, the leading site of travel reviews, talks in a book interview about the impact reviews have had on a variety of businesses, not just in travel. Before online reviews took hold over the past decade, the only outlet someone had was to complain to...

/ February 14, 2009
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The Yelp Model – Transparency or Dollars

We came across a great article about how Yelp, sells their service. It’s a good read for our customers. There’s some interesting points about ‘adjusting the reviews’ for their paying customers. Although they do not remove the bad reviews for their clients, they will reorder them to have the good...

/ November 22, 2008

Contractor a no-show?

I received a call from Stanley Funes at the City of Toronto Licensing Department the other day. He’d come across our site and told me it was great and long overdue (hey, we think so too!). It turns out, there is a complaints department at the city for delinquent contractors...

/ February 7, 2008
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Fake reviews – should we out these companies?

I have come out of my cave and will start getting more active on this forum. I’m not one to write on a blog – but I do answer our contact us as I really enjoy the 1-1 dialogue with people. I have to get with program though and jump...

/ January 20, 2008
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A Merrier Christmas Through the Magic of Service

The point of HomeStars is to come up with ways for homeowners to shorten their time finding good vendors, and to find better, more appropriate vendors. Did you know there is a neoclassical economics term for this? We’re “lowering search costs.” Because the cost of a good or service isn’t...

/ December 28, 2007

Yes You Can Find a Great Contractor On The Web

So our users tell us, and why we are so committed to making HomeStars a trusted forum to read and write our experiences. I was reading Mike Holmes’ article in the Globe this weekend about how so many directory sites are a joke. He didn’t name anyone but gave an...

/ April 17, 2007