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How Can Reviews Affect Your Company?

One of the biggest fears from companies about participating in social media is “What if someone says something bad about me?” Any consultant in any industry has had to deal with this fear. The obvious answer is, “Well, people are talking about you anyway!” It doesn’t always quell their fears...

/ October 26, 2010
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The Secret of a Great HomeStars Review

There is so much more to a review than whether or not it was positive or negative. Reviews might seem black or white, particularly if you are the one receiving them, but even among good reviews some are better than others. And let’s face it; nothing is as certain to...

/ August 23, 2010

Reviews of the Week!

As Content Manager here at HomeStars I read well over a thousand reviews a week.  I can get a real sense of satisfaction from some reviewers, others have an interesting story to tell or a funny way of telling it and these are the types of reviews that will really...

/ May 14, 2010
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Are Review for Older Jobs Valid? – Long Live the Testimonial

Over the holidays a moving company in Vancouver wrote in their blog about the Death of the Testimonial. While Google would take exception to that, having, allegedly, put in an offer for Yelp for $500M, the point that the moving company seems to have issue with is that, encouraged by...

/ January 13, 2010
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30,000 Valuable Consumer Reviews!

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/ August 7, 2009
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Want to Kill Your Reputation? – Sue Your Customers!

Last week I posted an article about how to build your "Whuffie" - that is, your social capital among your customers and peers. It involves turning the bullhorn around and listening to your customers. In this new paradigm, your customers now have a voice. They can talk about you, your...

/ July 2, 2009

HomeStars Makes the nextMedia’s Digital Hotlist

We have to extend a thanks to the folks who run the nextMedia conference in Banff. They have nominated us, with four other great Canadian digital media properties, to their "HOTTEST CANADIAN EMERGING DIGITAL BRAND".

/ June 2, 2009

The Most Valuable and Underused Social Media Tool – Reviews.

We hardly need to remind our many premium customers, especially those who won Toronto's Best of 08 awards who tell us constantly tell us how many new customers they get based on their reviews on HomeStars. This article outlines that the most valuable and under-used social media strategy is embedding...

/ March 31, 2009

Is Our Review Moderation Similar to Globe Comment Moderation?

At Third Tuesday Toronto Mathew Ingram discussed how the Globe was using social media to connect with users. HomeStars has many similar challenges in deciding what gets posted on the site.

/ March 25, 2009
Motion-sensor lighting is key for deterring thieves.

Astroturfing Reviews – Don’t Get Caught, or Even Exposed.

We've seen a few cases this week of companies trying to pad their reviews by writing on their own company. TripHarbour.com, our colleagues just down the street, just posted a blog entry about a major PR company organizing a bunch of reviewers to pad reviews - astroturfing is what they...

/ March 13, 2009