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10 Homemade Remedies To Get A Handle On Your Unwanted Garden Pests

For those of you that have a backyard garden, you are well aware of the trials and tribulations that are involved with the entire process. Between weather, weeds, fungi, insects, and soil fertility, there is a lot that can go wrong, and in some cases, not a lot that can...

/ July 6, 2017

Aquascape RainXchange: An Underground Cistern That Captures Rainwater

A new-to-Canada underground rainwater collection system is the Aquascape RainXchange. Rainwater from your roof top, or even through permeable patio stones, is filtered and collected underground. A pump works to circulate the water and put it through a water feature above ground. Because the size of the cistern, it can...

/ November 5, 2009