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10 Homemade Remedies To Get A Handle On Your Unwanted Garden Pests

For those of you that have a backyard garden, you are well aware of the trials and tribulations that are involved with the entire process. Between weather, weeds, fungi, insects, and soil fertility, there is a lot that can go wrong, and in some cases, not a lot that can...

/ July 6, 2017
They look so cute, but cause so much damage. Photo courtesy of Gotcha Wildlife.

How to Get Rid of Bugs in the House

When our team came up with this topic I got the heebie-jeebies – bugs are fine when you see them in the garden or laying on the grass. But when I see a creepy crawler skitter across my kitchen floor, I jump. Not only am I a bit of a...

/ December 10, 2010