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Photo courtesy of Home Dreamy

6 Backsplash Ideas That Aren’t Tile

Tile seems to be the conventional choice when it comes to kitchen backsplashes (especially subway tile). It looks great and is very practical, but so are many other materials. Bored of the whole tile trend? Keep reading to see some stylish alternatives. Wood Adding a wooden backsplash gives the kitchen...

/ July 26, 2017

Six Questions for Vicky Sanderson, Toronto Star Columnist

Vicky Sanderson is a woman after my own heart; with kids, a weekly column in the Toronto Star, a new column in yourhome.ca, an upcoming daily blog debuting in early October and frequent Home Show appearances, her life is even more chaotic than mine! So I have to thank Vicky...

/ October 1, 2008
Outdoor Kitchen by Dehaas Landscape Design

Favourite Home Blogs For Inspiration

Well, I took the summer “off.” It’s all relative of course; “off” in this case means that I spent most of my time playing “Julie McCoy” for my kids (you know, the cruise director from The Love Boat?) Getting five minutes to myself to write an article wasn’t even on...

/ September 2, 2008