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What To Look for in a Professional Renovator

Today’s post comes straight from our forums. John Teixeira from JCONSTRUCTION AND RENOVATIONS INC. shared this advice and I thought it was so helpful that I wanted to add to it and post it on our blog. We often take on a lot of DIY projects to save time and...

/ December 8, 2010

Have You Been Bamboo-zled?

The beauty in HomeStars.com is the real life information it provides everyday people like you and I.  By having reviews written by real people with real experiences at your fingertips, you can feel confident in making good choices, leveling the playing field for everyone. In the world marketplace, we are...

/ December 6, 2010

HomeStars is Supporting HoHoTo and the Toronto Daily Food Bank

I’m thrilled to announce that HomeStars is a sponsor for HoHoTO but also that we added something a little extra – from now until the event, we will donate an additional $5 for each approved review to support HoHoTO and the Toronto Daily Bread Food Bank in their fight to...

/ December 1, 2010
Via Trendir.com

Stumped on a Gift for the Home? We Have You Covered.

This is a guest post written by Vicky Sanderson, Toronto Star columnist and “On the House” blogger.  Vicky shares her design expertise with HomeStars.com to give advice on holiday shopping for the home decor enthusiast. Buying a gift for someone else’s home can be tricky, unless you’re very sure of...

/ November 30, 2010
Basement renovation by Domilya Group

Fight a Flooded Basement with Drain Tiles

Rain is inevitable in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Granted, we get a small reprieve during the summer months but fall brings it back with a vengeance.  It’s this time of year that brings to light problems with your foundation drain tile. Heavy rains, cluttered downpipes and gutters are often...

/ November 26, 2010
Photo of work done by B&B Masonry

HomeStars Companies Connect

Last night we hosted the second Companies Connect event in Toronto at the Fox & the Fiddle Wellesley [great venue, btw] and it was a great success. We host these networking events for home contractors to give them the opportunity to connect with each other, to learn about social media,...

/ November 25, 2010
Image via Architecturendesign

Helping Our Community, One Person at a Time

At HomeStars, we are always looking for ways to support our community. When an opportunity to help a young lady fight cancer was presented to us, we jumped at it. If there was any way we could make a difference in Stephanie Lanctot’s life, we wanted to be a part...

/ November 10, 2010
Restaurant bar built by Clean Cut Design & Build Inc

Part 1: Our New Project Tool to Help Homeowners…

This is the first of a weekly post where we will share our progress on a feature we are launching soon. It all began when our team started brainstorming how we could be more useful to homeowners that are searching and reading about various companies to hire for their upcoming...

/ November 10, 2010

Tips for Holiday Decor from Kim Vallée

We’ve packed up our Halloween decorations (well, some of us have) and are starting to fill our homes with notions of the holidays. This time of year is the longest decorating season and whichever holiday you celebrate one thing is in common: we all want our homes to look inviting...

/ November 9, 2010
Photo of work done by Canada's Gardenland

Celebrating with Burnaby Habitat for Humanity ReStore

There was no cake or champagne but there was still reason to celebrate. HomeStars was proud to be on hand to celebrate the 8th anniversary of the Burnaby Habitat for Humanity ReStore. We were pleased to have Ron Teljeur from Acorn Wood Flooring on hand. His DIY floor installation presentation was...

/ November 3, 2010