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Door Colours And Their Meaning

Colour is a powerful visual tool for expressing a wide range of emotions and impressions. As such, the colour and design of your front door deserves careful consideration. If you’ve been thinking of painting your front door, here’s the meaning of different coloured doors, and what the colour might project about your personality....

/ March 27, 2017

Interior Doors 101

Interior doors serve numerous functions and can also be a strong design statement in your home. The type of door you choose will often be dictated by the space and budget you have. Even the smallest budget can still inject style into a space, so let’s explore the options. Flush...

/ March 10, 2017
Back deck French doors by Long Life Windows & Doors Ltd.

Top 5 Door Replacement Questions Asked By Homeowners

In addition to windows, replacing doors is one of the best ways to spend money on your home. New doors can add value to your home, increase curb appeal, and saves you financially on heating and cooling costs. More importantly, doors provide necessary security and, in turn, make your home comfortable...

/ June 21, 2016
Before and after door replacement

Best of HomeStars Awards – Window and Door Installation

When considering replacing or retro-fitting your windows, there are many things to take into consideration. Energy efficiency, style, appearance, features, cost and return on investment will all play a part in your decision making. According to Natural Resources Canada, windows and doors that are leaky and inefficient can account for as much as...

/ June 14, 2016
New window by Consumers Choice Home Improvement

HomeStars U: Window Replacement 101

In the latest installment of HomeStars U,  Anthony Gucciardi from Encore Home Improvements gives us the lowdown on the two methods of window installation. Full-Tear Out Of Your Windows The entire window is removed and damaged wood is replaced. The installer reinsulates the interior frame and a new window is installed. The interior...

/ June 13, 2016