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Your 2017 Cottage Opening Checklist

The May long weekend is quickly approaching, meaning that cottage season is finally here! Before you can relax and enjoy all of the summer fun, the cottage must be opened, which can be an overwhelming task. In order to ensure that you cover all of the basics, while still making time for...

/ May 15, 2017

Cottage Chic Decorating Tips from Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson has a new show about decorating her cottage, which she talked about this morning on the radio.  She was on air to promote her new mini-series: Sarah’s Cottage. The most important advice I took away from that interview was the following: 1. Don’t send your old city furniture...

/ April 2, 2009

Highlights from the Spring Cottage Life Show 2009

While some home shows tend to blend from one to the next, the Cottage Life Show stands out from the crowd. A mixture of the simple to the luxurious, the show represents the vast differences in the whole idea of cottaging itself. While some people define cottaging as a necessary...

/ March 31, 2009