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Guest Room with Murphy bed by NIICO Millwork Group Ltd.

Welcome New HomeStars

Every month our community of companies who use our site grows. And we're always excited to see companies getting involved and increasing their online communication with their customers.

/ July 3, 2009
Guest Room via Style Me Pretty

Want to Kill Your Reputation? – Sue Your Customers!

Last week I posted an article about how to build your "Whuffie" - that is, your social capital among your customers and peers. It involves turning the bullhorn around and listening to your customers. In this new paradigm, your customers now have a voice. They can talk about you, your...

/ July 2, 2009
After kitchen renovation by Level One Construction

Is Adding the 475th Review on a Company Helpful?

We’ve been pondering the question as to how many 10 star reviews will it take to make you feel comfortable hiring a contractor. Does it matter to you if one company has 20 reviews and another has 43? What about 474 reviews? According to a recent article written by the...

/ March 30, 2009
After the Landscaping Renovation by Distinctive Designs.

Asking For Reviews – My Vacation Story

I just got back from vacation. I went to a beautiful resort in southern Belize called Cottontree Lodge. It's owned by a couple friends of mine, one who lives down there full time and another who lives in New York and does the bookings, fills the rooms and does the...

/ February 18, 2009
Over the stove cabinetry by Raywall Kitchen Cabinetry.

Sometimes Great Companies Can Have Bad Luck…

I have had a lot of compliments on my kitchen and dining room over the past few years. We renovated the kitchen in 1998 – wow is it that long ago – and then followed up around 2002 with built-ins in the dining room. Now when the topic comes up,...

/ February 9, 2009

Contracts Are Good, No Matter How Small

I had a note from a friend of mine that reminded me how important paperwork can be, even for the  smaller home maintenance projects. Long story short, Susan hired the same snow removal service as her neighbours in mid December. Susan explicitly asked them to put a contract in the...

/ January 8, 2009
Photo of work done by Canada's Gardenland

Thank You For Coming Out Last Night!

HomeStars hosted a ‘Meet the Contractors’ event last night and had a great turnout. I’ve listed everyone that threw their business card into our draw for the new Blackberry donated by Rogers but many more of you came out – and we appreciate you taking the time! What we learned...

/ November 7, 2008

Contractor a no-show?

I received a call from Stanley Funes at the City of Toronto Licensing Department the other day. He’d come across our site and told me it was great and long overdue (hey, we think so too!). It turns out, there is a complaints department at the city for delinquent contractors...

/ February 7, 2008

The $800,000 Toronto Teardown

I came across a real estate ad for a beautiful Toronto home today. Large, treed lot, seriously affluent neighborhood, good schools, and the ad assured us that “million dollar homes” were on the street. With the whole surrounding area clocking in at an average selling price of $977,777, I daresay...

/ November 28, 2007