I took a look into both the search words and queries that bring people to HomeStars and the words and queries that are used once someone reaches the site, to get a better idea of what to expect in the coming months. Some of the most popular searches, no matter what time of year, are moving, plumbing, roofing and tree service– these are often the type of things that bring emergency traffic, people looking to flush their toilet now, or say, stop rain from pouring onto their child’s bedroom floor. These things can’t wait and can happen at any time. There are other, more clear trends that do occur and this is a list of what to expect.


All over Canada it’s pretty hot in July. It took awhile for the heat to reach our friends in the East this year, and a bit of patience was required before our friends in Vancouver saw the sunshine, but according to my Facebook status updates, it’s official: summer is here and it’s hot and humid from coast to coast. So no shock that the top key words bringing traffic to HomeStars in July historically have been air conditioner and appliance repair. I am assuming here that people are turning on their AC unit to find out it’s not running as smoothly as it might have been last summer; why not try to have it repaired before opting to buy a whole new unit? Both the terms “roofing” and “attic insulation” are also top keywords bringing people to our site in July. I know I said roofing is always a big driver but it does get more popular in July. It stands to reason that if you have to have the roof ripped off of your house you would want it to be when it’s warm and there is less rain. And have you ever lived in a loft or attic suite? If you answered yes then you completely understand the desire to try and keep some of the heat out in the summer time. It’s a worthwhile investment too since it should keep you warmer in the winter months to come.  All kinds of window related searches are popular in July as well. This keeps with the roof theme– you are going to have big holes in the sides of you house, best to do that kind of thing in July.  Once users are on our site the search terms are pretty similar with the addition of ‘waterproofing‘ which also sees an increase in July.


Ole faithful AC and appliance repair are still top of the charts but new things start to show up in August. All those people who had new windows installed in July are now looking for curtains by the look of things (cute!). Kitchen related searches like counter tops and cabinetry and mill-work start popping up, perhaps it’s best to get your kitchen renovated when the family is at the cottage, out of town, or just in the backyard barbecuing. Electrical work seems to be popular in August as well. More searches for ‘electricians’ start in August and do continue into September.

Another popular search is masonry. I couldn’t exactly understand this one myself but analysis of search words leading into our site and on our site for both 2009 and 2010 show this as a popular search. Comment below if you have an idea why that might be. Not surprisingly a top search into and on our site in July becomes even more popular in August: Handyman. For all those odd jobs that need to get done around the house that are now more visible since the heat has expanded your doors and slowed down your drive to do-it-yourself.


It’s really so sad because it seems so close but boy do we see the shift back indoors. Other than ‘Eavestroughs’ and ‘chimney repair‘ work happening on the exterior of your homes, it’s all back inside. So many furniture searches like beds and sofas, repairing and refinishing as well many searches for specific furniture company names. The search for ‘painters‘ is also on driving traffic into our site and being searched like mad across Canada in September. Duct cleaning gets a big boost as people prepare to turn the heat back on. Keyword searches for ‘furnace‘ and ‘insulation‘ are also popular on the site in September.

Advice to home owners and trades people

So those are the trends as we seem them for the next few months. I will leave you with these words of advice: Trades people…get prepared as required, you will likely receive more contacts if you fall into one of these trends. To home owners…get prepared by doing your research and contact multiple companies, you might not be the only person looking to have your AC unit fixed in July. And have some cold lemonade on hand for those hard workers in August 🙂

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