Toronto’s The Ex started on Friday August 20 and goes for the next 18 days until Sept 6. I went down to visit the Direct Energy Centre where they have hundreds of exhibitors selling a wide range of goods: from clothing to the latest kitchen gadgets. It’s a fun destination you don’t think about for home improvement but there are deals to be had there over the 18 day show.

If your shopping for windows, spa’s, HVAC, restoration, or want to find some interesting contractors there are some great people to meet. Shawn Monteith, Canada’s Handyman is on the main stage every day for a one hour show at 1p, 4pm and 7pm to help you on various projects. I met him after his show and he’s really personable and genuinely wants to help you with any challenges you may have. Worth a trip down as he’s on site all day to offer help.[cincopa 10723706]

Here’s a few companies I met along my travels. John and Cameron from Beverley Hills Home Improvement are right beside the Main stage, and nearby is Aerolux Electric, Donna at TMC The Master Craftsmen, Dan at Lighting Innovation & Design and a massive area up front with deals from Dynasty Spas and Games.

[cincopa 10722859]

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