There’s nothing quite like loading up the car and taking off for a long road trip. There’s also nothing quite like the comfort of your bed at home. That’s why many travellers opt for small travel trailers, which let you tow many of the comforts of home behind you, so you can enjoy your sleep as much as the drive.

If you like road tripping but aren’t quite ready to invest in a full-blown RV, there are many small camping trailers available that bring you many of the same comforts of a motorhome but can be pulled by nearly any type of car. Whether you just want a place to store your things and go to sleep, or want a full kitchen and bathroom, the perfect tiny camper is out there waiting for you.

Here are seven mini travel trailers that will make you and your family feel right at home on your next driving trip.

List of Small Travel Trailers

Happier Camper

Base price: $18,950 (USD)

The Happier Camper features an Adaptiv modular interior, which consists of cubes that can be rearranged to form a large bed, dining area, study, or even completely removed for extra storage. But your options go well beyond cubes; you can also add a table, sink, toilet, power generator, heater, fridge and exterior shower, allowing you to transform the camper to suit whatever your next trip is.

Airstream Basecamp

Base price: $34,900 (USD)

One of the best parts of a road trip is getting to take in all the sights, and the Airstream Basecamp is definitely capable of this with stunning wrap-around windows. Inside, you’ll find a living room area (convertible to a large sleeping area), bathroom, kitchen, and power outlets. There are also options to make the exterior more comfortable, like a visor or two tents — perfect for larger families.

Safari Condo Alto F1743

Base price: $34,450 (CAD)

From Canadian company Safari Condo, the Alto F1743 is a feature-packed lightweight tiny camper with a kitchen, dining area, bathroom (with interior shower), and even a wardrobe. The seating area can then be converted into a large king-size bed, to make sure you’re well-rested for your next day of driving.


Base price: N/A

The Kulba is perfect for thrill-seekers who just need a simple small trailer for storage, sleep and meals. On the outside is a kitchenette, sink, cooking appliances, power sockets, and even a bike rack. Inside is enough space to get a good night’s sleep to prepare for tomorrow’s adventures.

Vintage Overland

Base Price: $12,500 (USD)

If you just want a great-looking tiny camper for sleeping and extra storage, then the Vintage Overland might be the option for you. With power outlets and a memory foam mattress in the cabin, it has all of your bases covered and not much else — which is also what makes it one of the cheaper options.

Moby1 XTR

Base price: $20,500 (USD)

Don’t let its small size fool you: the Moby1 XTR makes excellent use of all of its available space. On the inside is a mattress and storage cabinets. For meals, the exterior opens up to reveal a kitchenette that includes a sink. But by far its coolest feature is the extendable roof with a built-in tent, instantly doubling the sleeping capacity to make room for the whole family.

Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper

Base Price: N/A

The Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper prides itself on being a classic teardrop trailer, but with some modern twists; notably, its patented extension that pulls out to increase the interior space. When extended, the rooftop solar panel will charge to power the built-in TV, which rotates for viewing both inside and outside the cabin. On the inside is a queen bed, which can also be reconfigured to form a couch. At the rear is a kitchenette with a sink and cooking surface, and plenty of room to store food and utensils.

Whatever your travel style may be, any of these tiny campers are sure to make the most of your next road trip. Bon voyage!

Posted by Michael Keshen