It’s winter! And we’ve already had the first snowfall of the season. Just because there’s global warming doesn’t mean that there isn’t going to be lots of snow. This weekend in Vancouver we had a big dump  of snow and there’s more on the way. Here at the HomeStars HQ in Toronto we’ve had a small amount of snow, but there’s forecasted to be more in the next few weeks.

As a homeowner, it’s nice to wake up and not have to shovel the car out of the driveway. There are snow removal companies that can do this for you.

Finding a good snow removal company can be tough. Reading the reviews for many of these companies there seems to be a tendency to over-promise and under-deliver. Companies promise that within a certain number of hours after a snowfall they will come and remove the snow on your driveway, but, as happens in a snowstorm, circumstances can get the better of the situation and they end up late, or not showing up altogether – especially after the customer has paid for the service. Ontario Snow Removal’s reviews are a case in point.

Snow Removal We mailed them a cheque for the full amount, they came once to do have of the job and we never saw them again, I did the shoveling by myself and I called them hundreds of times and they never got back to me, they are absolutely the worse thieves ever, they used to call us twice aday before they got the money and then after they got the cheque, they never answer the phone.

Well reviewed Red Robin Home Solutions recently launched a snow removal listing, and given their positive reviews for their other services, one can expect them to be good. But dig down in the Toronto listings and you’ll see the category thin, with Cunha Snow removal leading with only a single review!

If you think the category is thin on reviews in Toronto,  Vancouver doesn’t yet have a single review. We’ve heard the Bur-Han Lawn Care provides the service in the winter, so if you’re looking in Vancouver, give them a call.

In Calgary take a look at GSR Professional Landscapers who also have a review, and also provide the service.

Some tips from the experts, and from the reviews:

  1. Get clear expectations of what to expect up front
  2. Remember that Snow Removal companies get busy and things can get complicated during a storm, but they should show up in a reasonable amount of time
  3. Don’t pay all your money up front – spread the payments over the course of the season

Have you had a snow removal company for the season? Write them a review and help other homeowners.

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