Cedar Shake Roof Conversion

Cedar shake conversion to new roof and new gutters by JMT Roofing & Painting

Roofs, like the rest of your home, require regular maintenance and/or replacement to ensure they are providing the comfort and function your home requires.

Delaying repair on your roofing system can have both short and long-term effects that many building owners often don’t consider or don’t think are serious. The short-term effects of not maintaining a roof include:


Once a leak starts, it can only get worse, and bigger. Deal with leaks as soon as you notice them.

Increased energy bills

A leak is essentially a hole in your roof. Holes will also let hot and cool air out of your home, decreasing energy efficiency. Regularly checking your roof for leaks will save you time and money.


Clogged gutters, wet insulation, and a wet roof layer can cause told. Once it sets in, mold is a problem that is expensive to take care of, so don’t let it set it. Clean your gutter systems in Spring and Fall, and regularly check that no insulation is exposed to the elements.

Rubber Roof

Rubber Roof Installation by Done Right Roofing of Calgary

Animals and Pests

If animals can find a way to get in, they will. Spending a bit of time and money up front will ensure you don’t find yourself living with squirrels, mice, raccoons or other undesirable pests.

Of course, short-term issues such as leaks can become very big problems if not addressed, so don’t delay. Many homeowners think the Fall is the best time to replace a roof, and as a result, the Fall is often the busiest time for roofers. Consider acting now to find a greater selection of available roofers from whom to get quotes, and get your job done sooner.

The roofing industry is largely unregulated so homeowners must be vigilant when choosing a company. A great place to start your search for a reputable roofer in your area is with our list of 2016 Best Of Award Winners in the roofing category.

Roof Right Solutions
Mega Roofing & Exteriors Inc.
MAXgreen Windows, Doors, and Exteriors
Local Renovations and Design Inc.
Legacy Exteriors
Ideal Insulation & Roofing
Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors Inc.
Guns N Hoses Roofing, Exteriors & Insulation
Fortress Roofing Ltd
Epic Roofing & Exteriors Ltd
ENVI Roofing and Exteriors Ltd.
Done Right Roofing
Claw Roofing Specialists
City Boss Residential Roofing
Calgary Elite Roofing Inc.
Alba Exteriors
United Roofing
Reid’s Roofing Ltd
Recoveryworx Roofing
Nomad Roofing
Golden West Exteriors
Fair and Square Roofing Inc.
Blackshield Roofing
British Columbia
Whonnock Roofing Ltd
Silverline Exterior Solutions
ridge meadows roofing
Navco Construction Corp.
Millwall Roofing Ltd
Landmark Roofing Ltd.
JMT Roofing & Painting
EVO Roofing Systems
Crucial Roof Services Ltd
Coast Mountain Roof Ltd.
Canam Roofing Ltd.
Adanac Roofing and Gutters
Abney Roofing Ltd
Turnbull Roofing & Renovations Ltd
The Cutting Edge Roofing
Fyfe’s Roofing
Eastern Ontario
Stewart Roofing Ltd
Remember Me Roofing Inc.
Bronson Johnson Seamless Eavestroughs
Twin Peaks Roofing Inc
Roofs on Homes a division of City 1
London Eco-Roof Manufacturing
Impact Roof Works
Hulk Exteriors Inc.
Herb Lodde & Sons Roofing Ltd
Eclipse Roofing Ltd.
London Eco-Roof Manufacturing
Twin Peaks Roofing Inc
The Cutting Edge Roofing
Royal Roofing
Mega City Roofing Inc
Luc’s Roofing ltd
London Eco-Roof Manufacturing
Impact Roof Works
Eclipse Roofing Ltd.
Canadian Roofing Company Ltd.

Roofing is dangerous work, so safety on the job site is absolutely critical  – particularly with roofers working at heights. Your roofer must be compliant with all safety standards proscribed by  the Occupational Health & Safety Act – beware the roofer who does not comply. To know more, see here.

Good luck with your project and don’t forget to leave a review when your job is done, it will benefit the whole community!

Posted by Leslie Andrachuk