As Content Manager here at HomeStars I read well over a thousand reviews a week.  I can get a real sense of satisfaction from some reviewers, others have an interesting story to tell or a funny way of telling it and these are the types of reviews that will really make my day.  I’ve decided to  share some of the reviews which have managed to catch my eye throughout the week and I will continue to do so every Friday.

Check back weekly to read reviews like this one from JJ in Calgary who wrote a review about their new Vacuum from Dyson Canada Ltd.

“I have two dogs, and two cats, both hardwood and carpet in the house. I was getting fed up with vacuuming and then moments later finding hair on the hardwood….”

Cute title, great description of the benefits.  Pet hair on hardwood? Nightmare? Yeah, it would be, I feel you JJ. Glad to hear that your Dyson has it all under control now.

Helen in Willowdale also caught my eye with her review of Rent-A-Son. I’m guessing it caught my attention because it sounds like my own mother wrote it:

“After moving into our new house, my husband & sons wondered WHY I had to hire Rent-A -Son,when they could have done all the work….yes they could have..but over several months. In several hours the two “rented” sons moved boxes,rearranged furniture, moved a huge carpet from one room to another, cleaned our garage, unpacked boxes of books and generally made me feel that the huge weight of moving was at least. partially lifted. They were efficient, hardworking and very pleasant. I will hire them again”

Sure she has sons, but why not rent one who will do the job in a fraction of the time? Do these guys do dishes too?

So whether you have a toothbrush jammed in your toilet like jay-pierre in downtown toronto:

“Within an hour of calling, a plumber showed up and clearly explained my problem (a toothbrush lodged in the trap of my toilet!). George worked quickly, efficiently, and respectfully. He sorted us out and I will call them again without hesitation – but hopefully not for the same reason! Thanks!”

Or ninja raccoons (love the title too Jorge in the Humber Valley):

“The Raccoons in our neighbourhood are like ninjas. No matter how securely you lock up your bins, they will come and bring chaos to your order. Enter Bin Solutions. Their solid sheds are both stylish and secure. They came by, assembled, and were gone in less than 45 minutes. Absolutely fantastic. It looks great in my yard and fits very well in the space that we have. Thanks folks!”

You know where to find the right company for the job. And don’t keep the experience pent up inside! Share it with your neighbors! Write a review! You just might end up being featured on my Reviews of the Week!

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