Empty nesters rejoice! With those kids heading off to college and university this fall, you’ll soon have a new spare bedroom. But what to do with all that extra space? Having a spare bedroom is a luxury but it can quickly become a junk closet if you don’t repurpose and turn it into a designated space. That’s why we’ve come up with 7 ideas to help you figure out what to do with your newest addition to the family.

1. Guest Room

Guest Room via Style Me Pretty

Guest Room via Style Me Pretty

An obvious first choice for that extra room is a guest room. If your student will be frequently coming home on weekends, holidays, and random weeknights, they’ll need a place to stay. Instead of banishing them to the basement sofa, try creating a guest room that makes them feel at home but not so much so they won’t go back to their dorm.


Create a space that is inviting and can be used by a variety of guests. You’ll want to create a space that says, “Stay for the amount of time you said you would stay and not longer than that.” As long as your guests stay guests and do not become unwanted roommates, they will only be occupying the space temporarily.

Turning your space into one that does double duty as a guest room and something else is a great way to repurpose your space. Consider installing a murphy bed and using the rest of the space as a home office. Check out the below guest room/home office combo found in this review .

Guest Room with Murphy bed by NIICO Millwork Group Ltd.

Guest Room with open Murphy bed by NIICO Millwork Group Ltd. via HomeStars

Guest Room with Murphy bed by NIICO Millwork Group Ltd.

Guest Room with closed Murphy bed by NIICO Millwork Group Ltd. via HomeStars

2. Home Office

Home Office staged by Rent WOW!!! Furniture for Home Staging

Home Office staged by Rent WOW!!! Furniture for Home Staging via HomeStars

For a space that works for you every day, consider turning your spare room into a home office. No longer will you have to balance your laptop on your knees, or work at the kitchen table. Instead, dedicate a space for getting your work done that is everything your actual office can’t be.


3. Walk-In Closet of Your Dreams

Closet via Homedit

Closet via Homedit

Who wouldn’t love a room solely dedicated to their clothes and accessories? Okay, maybe this isn’t the top room redesign for everyone, but for those of us who love fashion, a spare room turned dressing room is a dream come true. Just think of all the space that can be used to creatively show off your best pieces and store away those comfy sweatpants so they’re out of sight. If you can’t justify having an entire room as a closet, try combining it with a guest room or home office.


HomeStars has multiple categories that can help you build the dressing room of your dreams. Check out our list of Closet & Storage Solutions for custom closet work as well as Cabinetry and Millwork for custom built-ins.

4. Home Fitness Studio

Home Gym by Toronto Home Theater

Home Gym by Toronto Home Theater via HomeStars

Now that the kids are out of the house and can take care of themselves, it’s time to take care of you. Move aside that old bunk bed and create the home gym you’ve always wanted. The options are endless when it comes to home gym equipment, so find something that suits your activity level and what kind of workout you want. Try to invest in something you’ll actually use otherwise, you might end up with gym equipment in the way of your junk closet.


Not into heavy weight lifting or looking for something to calm your nerves while the kids are away from home for the first time? Try creating your own personal yoga studio or meditation room. Namaste, indeed.

Home Yoga Studio

Home Yoga Studio

5. Music Studio

Music Studio via Michael's

Music Studio via Michael’s

For the musicians out there, a music studio is a great way to spread out and get really involved in their latest piece. Whether it’s a space where you can practice your newly acquired stand up base or a room where you can load all your gear for sound mixing, a music studio is a luxurious option that can take a musician from good to great.


6. Craft Room/Art Studio

Craft room via Prettyprovidence.com

Craft room via Prettyprovidence.com

Staying with the creative theme, why not turn your spare room into the ultimate DIY workroom. Artists and crafters alike will love all the extra space they can now use to spread out and get down to business. Custom cabinets and desks are a great option to give you the storage you need to create your next masterpiece.


7. Bar or Lounge


Home Bar by Vala Home Improvements

Home Bar by Vala Home Improvements

This option might be a little out there, but who wouldn’t love to relax in their own personal bar or lounge at the end of the day? This homeowner has the right idea.


For more inspiration check out our Spare Room board on Pinterest, or browse our categories to find the right company to help repurpose that spare room.Whether you decide to turn that spare room into a yoga studio or shoe museum, make sure the room is put to good use and makes you happy. Share your spare room updates with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Posted by Jessica Greaves