Our HomeStars.com team loves the holidays. It’s reflected in our posts. We have posted tips for holiday décor and shared ideas on where to buy Christmas decorations. So it should be no surprise to see us talking about how you can have a “green” Christmas.

We have all lived the scene: After months of shopping for the kids, spouse, in-laws, and virtually everyone else you know, you have accumulated massive amounts of shopping bags and packaging. Even more paper goes into wrapping those gifts only to see it all tossed to the side after an hour.

The holidays are notorious for consumption; for some, overconsumption. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We at HomeStars.com would like to share some tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle this holiday season.


  • Save energy by using a time for your interior and exterior Christmas lights.
  • Use natural products as decorations. Remember the days of making Christmas tree garland out of cranberries or popcorn? Don’t forget pomegranates, gourds and pine cones.
  • Avoid the mad frenzy of buying batteries for electronics. Use rechargeable batteries instead.
  • When possible, give the gift of an experience to help reduce packaging.


  • Get creative with wrapping paper. Consider using the weekend comics.
  • Save your Christmas wrap, decorations and cards to reuse next year.
  • Use holiday cards you have collected throughout the years as decorations. Create a door wreath of some of your favorite cards and use others as gift tags.


  • If an artificial tree just won’t do, consider a potted tree. Evergrow Christmas Trees in Vancouver and Gift of Green in Toronto rent live, potted trees, delivers them and picks them up after the holidays only to replant or care for them until next year.
  • Getting new electronic goods? Recycle the old and unused also known as e-waste. Contact your local municipality for contacts and drop-off locations.
  • Hopefully you’ve used reusable shopping bags on your shopping trips. If not, donate your branded shopping bags to local charities and thrift stores. Or you can go one further… add gently used clothing, household goods and products to the bags before dropping them off at the Salvation Army, Value Village or for a more comprehensive list, Professional Organizers.

Don’t expect a complete turnaround this year. Make some significant steps and introduce your efforts to your family and friends.

Have a happy holiday!

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