This is the first of a weekly post where we will share our progress on a feature we are launching soon. It all began when our team started brainstorming how we could be more useful to homeowners that are searching and reading about various companies to hire for their upcoming project. We know people are happy with finding top rated, reputable companies on HomeStars but what about a dashboard to save the companies you are researching, and send messages to them (either individually or collectively)?

Every Wednesday until we launch this feature, we’ll write a post and discuss where we are at. We’d love to hear your comments and ideas as we go. Please leave comments here in the blog, or email us if you prefer.

This image shows the message you’ll get when you do a few searches. A screen will prompt you to “Start a Project” based on the searches you’ve done. If you click the button, you can register and we will save the companies you’ve viewed so far. From your project page, you can decide which companies you want to keep and contact from your project page. You’ll also be able to write notes, and ask a question to the forum. All the information you collect will know be organized one place (your project dash) that only you can see.

Let us know what you think!

Posted by Nancy Peterson

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