This Entry Did Not Meet HomeStars Review Criteria.

HomeStars takes reviews seriously. This flag will appear on reviews that were previously published and have since been taken down as more information becomes available to our Content Integrity team.

The Content Integrity team verifies all reviews when they are first submitted into our system. After being published, the company has the right to request an investigation if they believe the review is not for their company or was posted by someone who never hired and paid them directly for their services. After investigating, should our Content Integrity team not receive sufficient proof from the author, the review is removed and this flag is put in its place.

This flag can also appear if the Content Integrity team has reason to believe a review has come from an illegitimate email address and cannot be connected to a real human being. All reviews must come from real people. If the team cannot connect the review to a real email account or person, the review will be removed.

If we suspect a review has been taken down due to tampering, this will affect the company’s Star Score. If the review was submitted improperly due to an honest error then the company’s Star Score will not be impacted.

To learn more about our system, check out our Trust page and read about the recent updates to our Star Score.