The only momentary break we get from this busy world is when we close our eyes and drift off to sleep. But not everyone’s sleeping experience is a beautiful tale. One major cause of this can be the odd styles we sometimes put in our bedrooms. It is an absolute fact that comfortable sleeping time is influenced by the appearance and laxity of our sleeping environment. Getting a custom bedroom that will make you smile to sleep is not as hard as you may think. Here are eight types of upgrades you can do to get your dream bedroom.

1. Get the best sheets – Bamboo Sheets

bamboo sheets

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Comfort during sleep is majorly contributed to by how comfortable our skins are with the sheets we sleep on or the covers we use. Bamboo sheets are the most ideal you can ever find in the market. Made out of natural and quality material, these sheets quite literally soothe you to sleep by how tender they feel against your skin. With a wide variety, you can choose one or several that appeal to your eyes and/or skin. Bamboo sheets take sleep to the next level.

2. Get a lit bedroom – Attractive lighting

bedroom lighting ideas

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Getting your bedroom lit, quite literally, can be achieved through proper lighting. Get rid of that single yellow or white bulb protruding at the center of your bedroom. Buy a unique chandelier to hang a little further. Or perhaps a vintage lamp will add flare to how your room appears. With proper lighting, your bedroom will look more attractive than you ever thought it would. Throw in a lantern if you feel like or some string lights. Light up your room uniquely.

3. Install a bedside shelf

bedside shelf

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Where do you keep your reading glasses or phone or cup of water when sleep hits you hard? Install a bedside shelf right where your arm can reach easily. Installing a shelf that fits perfectly saves space for other furniture around the room. In addition, it is a good saving mechanism that achieves the same end goal since it costs less than buying a bedside table. You also get extra storage space and a convenient one at that for quick and heavy sleepers.

4. Match your wardrobe with your classy clothes

bedroom wardrobe

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Most master bedrooms look off because of a glaring confused wardrobe or one that simply doesn’t match or even seem to make an effort of complimenting the beauty of the bedroom. Before buying a wardrobe, study your master bedroom and get a shade of color, size and style that will be perfect. Consider your clothes and your preferred storage of clothes while you are at it and ensure its appearance will not do injustice to the overall aesthetic value of the master bedroom.

5. Get some artwork on the walls

bedroom artwork

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Artwork is not meant for the walls of the living room or the corridors only. Adding artwork to your room adds a whole new dimension to its appearance and general feel. Artwork may not add the hours of sleep you get but it will help you relax your mind before sleeping. In addition, it is beauty that you will see every night before you close your eyes. Portrait, abstract or sketches, artwork makes the master bedroom classy and flashy.

6. Stick to a colour scheme

bedroom colour scheme

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Paint your drawers or bedside furniture to match a general theme or look in the master bedroom. Adding a wallpaper to the door will make the bedroom welcoming and also complement the overall appearance. However, take care not to add too many things and colors that would eventually ruin the appearance.

7. Don’t forget the flooring

bedroom rug

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Flooring is as much a part of the bedroom as the whole structure itself. No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night and step on cold floors or rough rugs. Be careful when choosing the type of flooring in your master bedroom. If you have no direct control over the original material used or the design, purchase a classy carpet or several mats and place them appropriately around the room. Also, note that the style of flooring should blend in with or contrast (in an attractive way) the walls or furniture in the bedroom.

8. Shelf up your reading material

bedroom bookcase

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Reader or not, add class to your master bedroom using a tasteful bookshelf. It does not have to be filled with novels and prestigious reading material or any material that you must read. A bookshelf adds character to the bedroom. Besides, it may come in handy in keeping certain things for display. Make sure the bookshelf is positioned where there is ample space but at the same time take care not to take too much space.

A master bedroom deserves a refined look that will always make you wait for nightfall and keep you there way past sunrise. Styling it up lies in the type of furniture you get, how you arrange them and their appearance. Give your master bedroom furniture upgrades to obtain a deserving look and comfort.

Posted by Ella Woods