A new month means it’s time for a new set of prizes, all chosen by you! We asked our followers on Instagram which item they would rather win when we put two great prizes head to head. Follow us on Instagram to have your say next month, every vote counts. Now on to the prizes for this month!

Bronze Star Prize

With March break coming up, we wanted to give away prizes that will be useful whether you’re off jet-setting or hanging out at home. Do you struggle with packing a weeks’ worth of clothing into a carry on out of fear of losing your luggage? Put that fear behind you and look towards the future of tracking! Sleek and small, this suitcase smart tracker by Tile connects to your smartphone so you can find your bag whenever where ever. We’re sure Bronze Star Reviewers with a trip coming up will especially appreciate winning this prize. 

Silver Star Prize

We’ve got something special for those Silver Star Reviewers who will be staying at home this March break. Our Instagram followers decided that while you may not be able to take a physical vacation, the next best thing is a virtual one! It was a close race between two great prizes, but the winner was clear in the end. Get those reviews in so you have better odds to win this VR headset by Samsung. Where would you go on a VR vacation?

Gold Star Prize

Last but certainly not least, our Gold Star prize is all about keeping your home safe whether you’re on vacation or just out for the day. The vast majority of our followers decided that the Ring Video Doorbell was the perfect prize to protect your home. This smart doorbell connects to your phone so you can see who’s at the door even when you’re not home. This video doorbell is also perfect to watch your next service provider arrive. Remember to write a review to not only help them out but to also earn another entry into the draw for you!

Want to learn more about how you can become a Star Reviewer and a potential winner? Check out this page for all the details.

Posted by Jessica Greaves

Jessica Greaves is a content writer for the HomeStars Blog.