Today, HomeStars launched a new and better way for Canadians to evaluate the contractors they are researching to hire. This innovative new system is the first of its kind among review sites. It is called Star Score.

Star Score is the result of many employee’s hard work over the past two years. The Star Score team includes data scientists, software engineers and developers, designers, project managers, and even a university professor. Here’s our Founder and CEO, Nancy Peterson, introducing our new System.

Why Trust HomeStars from HomeStars on Vimeo.

The new company Star Scores are based upon hundreds of thousands of data points that are collected and continuously analyzed to create a score out of one hundred for all of the contractors on our site.

The intention of this score is to help you hire with more confidence. As you can see below, the new overall score out of 100% is accompanied by information which helps you understand the data behind the score. For the first time ever, a contractors’ score is no longer just the average of customer ratings. With Star Score, you’re able to see exactly why the company has the score they do. Based on what we call the 4 R’s (rating, recency, reputation and responsiveness), you are able to break down the company’s score and better consider if they’re the right fit for your project.Star Score

When you look at a contractor profile today you’ll notice a few different things. You can now reference multiple pieces of information such as what their average rating is across all of their reviews, recency of those reviews, what the overall reputation score is, and how responsive they are to you.

Star Score ratingYou also have a quick snapshot of reviews by rating in the past 12 months next to the Star Score. Both of these combined will help you quickly assess the quality of contractors before you do deeper research, such as reading their reviews.

Now that you can fully understand why a company has the score they do, you can hire confidently. We believe that Star Score is the best contractor rating system in Canada. We look forward to your thoughts and comments.

Posted by Leslie Andrachuk