Let’s face it, bathing is one of those ritualistic things that humans do that bring us as much pleasure as it does a practical outcome. With so much focus on the bathroom these days, we see many real-life bathroom renovations at HomeStars. We’ve pulled out the trends that our community of homeowners is clearly embracing. Immerse yourselves dear readers!

Reglazing Old Bathtubs

Sometimes an old bathtub is really all the doctor ordered, so why not renew rather than replace? Even that nasty old pink corner tab can be turned into an elegant, seemingly new white tub at a significantly lower cost if you hire the right glazer. Here are a few photos of the re-glazing projects we’re seeing on HomeStars.

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The Freestanding Tub

If you have the space in your bathroom, a freestanding tub may just be the perfect element to heighten the drama in your master bath. Whether you go round, rectangular, or opt for the classic oval claw-tub, bathing in a freestanding tub remains a sensual experience that many people crave. Perhaps it’s time to indulge yourself?

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Enclosing An Old Bathtub in Glass

These days it’s super easy to ramp up the style of your old built-in bathtub with a glass enclosure. Modern, fresh and practical, a glass enclosure helps with light flow through a bathroom and can make a small space feel larger.

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Frameless and Curbless Showers

More is less these days when it comes to shower design and functionality. We love the trend toward super clean design that we’re seeing with frameless and curbless showers.  Timeless and elegant, these designs encourage light and energy flow, maximizing any space.

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Best of luck with your bathroom renovation project. Check out Pinterest Bathroom board for loads of inspiration. Check back often, we post regularly! Please consider writing a review when your project is done, it helps the whole community!

Posted by Leslie Andrachuk

Leslie Andrachuk is a content writer for the HomeStars Blog.