The ice storm just before Christmas left a lot of homeowners without power and with damage to their properties. Many called companies listed on HomeStars and had their issues fixed in time for the holidays. Over the last few weeks we have seen an outpouring of reviews from grateful homeowners who had contractors (many on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) come in and save the day. Here are snippets from a few of our favourites:

“They were quick in getting the service fixed and I certainly did appreciate their holiday spirit!! Our tree lights are back on and the prime rib is in the oven, all thanks to Steve and his incredible crew. Really I can’t thank these guys enough.  I will be singing their praises to everyone.”

“I called at 8am on the day before Christmas Eve and by 8:30am he had called me back and came to the house by 11am - amazing considering there were people without electricity scattered through the city and it was holiday season."

“During a time when there are so many people being taken advantage of it is truly amazing to encounter such a hard-working, honest, capable and compassionate man.”

“The estimate I got was a breath of fresh air, it was fair and honest, seriously I     heard the angels singing. I had some other exorbitant quotes from other contractors,   who were obviously taking advantage of the ice storm providing them with a flood of damaged service stacks and meter bases... That old wise saying that 'people show their true colours in times of crisis' holds so very true.”

“Our furnace was red tagged and shut off by Enbridge the night of the ice storm. The installers showed up on time, worked quickly and cleaned up their mess…this was one of the most professional outfits we have dealt with since beginning our ground floor gut in May. We’ll be calling them back to install air conditioning in the spring. Highly recommended!”

“On Christmas Eve morning I called and left a message. Late on Dec 25th the neighbourhood power was brought back on, including our home, thanks to the their efficient work.”

“A ++ Company !!! With the big ice storm that just happened, along with many others, our pipe burst and we had a big issue… Never having dealt with something like this before, I searched on HomeStars. They dispatched a team right away and the Supervisor even called on route to check in.”

“Prompt service and excellent work on the busiest day after Christmas. I would strongly recommend him to anyone.”

“They worked diligently in sub freezing temperatures and I really appreciated their positive attitudes and great sense of humor during this stressful time. Bravo, you truly are real life superheroes!!”

“He couldn't fix the problem but he arranged for help which should come tomorrow--and  this during an ice storm and right before Christmas.”

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