Stripes are an interesting decorating trend as they can transform a room in so many different ways. They are debatably the most versatile pattern and because of that are the most popular in interior design. Colourful and bold stripes can add a fun, wild, and playful look, whereas neutral stripes add more of an elegant and orderly look. Thinking of adding some striped interiors to your home? Take a look at some of these ideas both big and small.

Throw Pillows

Not sure how you feel about stripes and do not want to commit to a large space? Striped throw pillows are the perfect addition to your living room and/or bedroom. They add a little bit of interest to the room, but do not overwhelm and bombard you with pattern and colour.

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Photo courtesy of The Glitter Guide


There are so many ways that stripes can be introduced in a room, but striped wallpaper is definitely the most bold way of doing so. Whether you want to go all out with bold and colourful stripes, or just start small with a feature wall, striped wallpaper is bound to add excitement to the room. In order to ensure the room doesn’t become too overwhelming, refrain from using other patterns in the room and look for less busy decor to add to the room to give your eyes a break. Pro tip: horizontal stripes are best used in smaller rooms to make them feel larger, and vertical stripes are best used in rooms with a low ceiling to make it feel higher.

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Whether you are thinking of using paint or wallpaper, this is a simple and cost-effective renovation that can really transform a room. Striped ceilings are best suited for rooms such as bedrooms, hallways, and/or bathrooms as they may add a little bit too much to other rooms such as the kitchen or living room.

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Area Rugs

Area rugs have the power to transform any room by adding a pop of colour and/or pattern. They also have a way of creating a homey and comfy feeling in a room in a way that is still stylish. Try and coordinate your stripped area rug with another small interior detail such as throw pillows or throw blanket in order to create a cohesive space.

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Photo courtesy of Homedit

Stair Runners

Not many people think of stair runners as interior pieces that make a statement, but a striped one certainly can. Most tend to use vertical stripes as a way to make the space feel longer, but horizontal stripes are not out of the question if your stairwell is particularly narrow.

stair runner house and garden.jpg

Photo courtesy of House and Garden


Adding stripes to your bedding can add a sense of order and simplicity in your bedroom. If you are wanting more of a subtle addition of stripes, striped sheets are your best bet, but if you are looking to make more of a statement, adding a striped duvet is the way to go. Blue and white nautical stripes are one of the most popular choices when it comes to this pattern in the bedroom.

striped bedding ideal home.jpg

Photo courtesy of Ideal Home

Window Treatment

Window treatments are an easy and practical way to add some interest in a room. You can add striped curtains to be more understated and go along with the colour scheme of a room, or you can go big and introduce a bold accent colour. Either way, window treatments are an interesting way to introduce this simplistic pattern to any room.

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Photo courtesy of Welcome To The Mouse House

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Posted by Connor Cherrie