Getting rid of your old couch or bookcase? You don’t need to set it out on the curb – pass it down or transform it into a cute tchotchke. Here are some way to repair or recycle your furniture.

Make it about the kids

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Summer’s done with but the kids still need to be occupied after school and kept screen free. Why not engage in a fun woodworking project after they are done with their homework? Set up your workstation in your garage and hammer out amazing play kitchens or dollhouses, or even a storage area for the little ones’ dress up costumes and what not.

Load up on good karma – donate!

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The concept of furniture banks originated in the U.S. but has gained momentum here in Canada. All your gently-used furniture like couches, bed frames and even unstained clean mattresses could be used by families in need. Check out Furniture Banks Canada for centres throughout the country that collaborate with a number of social service and housing agencies to assess clients that are most vulnerable and in need of their services. Habitat for Humanity and Green Standards are popular charities that take in bulky furniture from homes and offices that otherwise end up in a landfill. Tax receipts are usually issued for donated furniture.

Spruce up a dorm room

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Know a neighbour or a cousin whose kid is going away to college? Give them the gift of furniture! A gently used-couch, table and chairs or a computer table would be highly appreciated by students who are always looking for stuff that’s cheap or free. Just make sure that what you are giving away is clean, not broken and put in a bit of a touch up if there are peeled off paint issues. You are giving it away for free but you also want the receiver of your gift to have a pleasant experience using your used stuff.

Facebook it off

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For those who don’t want to move a muscle except the ones in their fingers, Facebook is their friend! Do some research on your local buy and sell groups on Facebook and post your items. You simply have to send a request to the admin to join the group. Once the approval comes in, let the selling (and maybe buying too…) begin! You might be surprised on how many members are eager to trade their wares for yours. It’s best to stick to local trade-offs or sales; most people don’t want to travel too far to pick up stuff.

Consign it

recycle furniture

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No harm in making a little money off some of your vintage pieces – after all, a thing of beauty should be a joy forever and if possible to a multitude of people! This is where your local consignment store comes in. There’s always a valuable piece of furniture like an oak or walnut desk or an ornate cabinet or decorative hutch from another era that’s been with you for ages but does not fit into your redecoration plans. Having a consignment store take charge of such items has its benefits – you don’t have to haggle with potential buyers about the price because the store does that for you and buyers are actually shopping around for good furniture and are ready to pay a fair price for it.

Make sure to maintain your furniture, try to find original bill of sale if you can, take lots of photos of the product and have as much information about the piece as you can gather on hand. This increases the chances of it being sold for a good price.

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Posted by Baisakhi Roy