If you have a small condo balcony, then you may be quick to disregard it as small and seemingly useless — but don’t give up just yet! We are here to show you that with the proper love and attention, your small balcony space can be transformed into a second living room, and who doesn’t want that?


Fold Up Chairs

Fold up chairs are the ideal solution to small space living. They are perfect as they are there when you need them, but can disappear instantly.

Fold up chairs

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Benches allow for more seating capacity without taking up a whole lot of space. They also add a sense of comfort to your balcony, especially when paired with plush pillows.


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Bistro Sets

Bistro sets are dining sets designed for tiny spaces and typically include two chairs and a small table. Perfect for an intimate dinner for two, or happy hour drinks on the patio.


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Potted plants

Greenery is an absolute necessity when styling any outdoor space, especially a balcony. Unlike a backyard, you do not have the good fortune of having trees or grass growing around, so planting flowers of all shapes, heights, and colours can really make a difference.


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Hanging plants

When decorating your patio, maximizing space is the key. By hanging plants you save valuable floor space that works to make the area seem much larger. Added bonus- they can also assist in providing privacy from your neighbours!


Photo courtesy of The Horticult

Vertical garden

Similar to the hanging plants, a vertical garden can provide much needed greenery in a space without the clutter of pots on the floor. If done well, it can even be the focal point of the entire balcony.


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Just because you are styling an outdoor space, doesn’t mean you have to throw style and luxury out the window. By adding a statement chandelier to your balcony, you can create a seamless flow between the indoor living space and the outdoor one.

Photo courtesy of House & Home

String lighting

String lighting is not only a beautiful addition to your balcony, it is also much more cost effective and DIY friendly than most other lighting options. There are so many different options out there for you — including battery powered, LED, and solar powered — so you are bound to find something that you light up for.

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Just by adding a rug to your patio, you can have the space feel more like just another room in our home. This is also an opportunity to go a little crazy with pattern or colour.


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No matter where you are, there is no doubt that pillows create a comfy and homey vibe, and the balcony is no different. By adding pillows to your outdoor chairs or benches, you not only make them more comfortable, but you also make them more visually appealing.


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Attaining privacy for your condo balcony can seem impossible, but adding drapes can make serious difference. When your plants do not provide enough privacy, look toward installing drapes as they also allow more of a physical barrier but can also be opened when needed.


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Posted by Connor Cherrie