One of the biggest fears from companies about participating in social media is “What if someone says something bad about me?” Any consultant in any industry has had to deal with this fear.

The obvious answer is, “Well, people are talking about you anyway!” It doesn’t always quell their fears but we all know it’s true. With blogs and Twitter and review sites like ours, social media has given power to anyone to publish their experiences in public – good or bad. And that leaves a lot of opportunities for people to just stumble on those reviews.

For example…

Not long ago the popular site Groupon had a deal for a company that is listed on our site. Unfortunately their reviews are unfavorable and, since this company hasn’t claimed their listing, they are likely unaware of the comments.

(editors note: a claimed listing is when a company adds their info to their listing on our site. They are able to use the tools, for free, which get them found and get them more referrals.)

The day this deal went live we had an influx of people coming to our site. Here are some numbers for you to digest:

39 keywords

This is how many different variations of  “Company Name” or “Company Name” + review, or even gross misspellings of “Company name” led people to their unclaimed listing.

$9,570 (potential income)

The Groupon deal was for $55 and their page was viewed 174 times on this day. I know these deals aren’t usually money-makers, but the potential for repeat business is good. Well, repeat only if they call you in the first place.

1 phone call

Unclaimed listings still have contact information on there and we can see when people are being contacted through our site. Of the 174 visits only one person chose to get their phone number.

24% went to their competitors

Like other review sites we offer options and make recommendations based on what we think visitor are looking for. This means that 42 people decided to check out their competitors (100% of these listings are claimed or premium).

What’s this mean?

The next time someone responds to you with the fear of being talked about, ask them what’s worse – Being talked about? Or not being there to respond?

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