With Summer coming you may be thinking about updating an aging pool with a couple of renovations. Greg Mulvey from Classic Pools and Landscaping, a Best Of HomeStars Award winner, tells us about the top five most popular pool renovations.

Viking fiberglass pool and water feature by Land Effects Outdoor Living Spaces Ltd

Viking fiberglass pool and water feature by Land Effects Outdoor Living Spaces Ltd

Adding a waterfall to your pool’s landscape is a very popular reno and costs between $6,000 and $10,000. There are two main types of waterfalls:

Sheer descent – a sheet of water that goes over either a stone or brick wall

Cascading – made of larger boulders and flat stones, typically done in a three-tier system where water comes out in two or three places.

Replacing a concrete deck

The concrete deck surrounding an older pool is often cracked, uneven and an aged shade of grey. To replace it, the concrete is ripped out and a sub-deck is poured around the pool. It is then faced with flagstone or interlock.

  • Brick: $6,500 Flagstone: $10.000
  • Concrete tearout: $6,000-$10,000 (depends on volume and if you can get a bobcat machine in the backyard to make the job easier, otherwise wheelbarrows need to be used)
Pool Lights
Pool by Solda Pools

Pool by Solda Pools

Lights are a fun update to give to your pool, especially if you have already gone and torn up the concrete! Common options are:

  • White pool lights: have a standard bulb, lights up the pool, and allows you to see everyone when swimming at night, making it safer for swimming.
  • Coloured LED Lights: typically come in seven different colours, you can pick one or have them alternate creating a light show in the pool.
  • White lights, $1200
  • Coloured LED lights, $1700
  • Additional lights are $600 per light
Chlorine to Saltwater

While doing a pool reno most people will switch from a chlorine system to saltwater as it is easier on the eyes and skin and more comfortable to swim in.

After switching to a saltwater system it is important to ground the pool to prevent electricity and the corrosion of pool parts, caused by salt. To do this, a bare copper wire is placed around the entire pool and then is connected to the steel walls or rebar of the pool.

  • Installation of saltwater system: $2100
  • Grounding pool: $350
New Plumbing

A sign that your pool’s plumbing may need replacement is if you are losing about 1-inch of water per day (that’s the equivalent of having your garden hose running for one hour!).

The solution? Normally a contractor will change the skimmer and the plumbing lines.

  • New plumbing lines: $1,200
  • New skimmer: $1,000

Posted by Leslie Andrachuk