The Appliance Guy, Joseph Corrado gives us a run down on common issues that cause appliances to break down, their solution and the price tag attached. Plus – the million dollar question – is it worth the cost of repair, or is it time to replace.

Joe advises that a good appliance repair person will help you make the decision about whether or not to replace, or purchase a new one. A general rule of thumb is to repair when service costs half of the replacement cost or less.

Common Appliance Problems:

1)   Top Load Washer – doesn’t spin

  • Belt is gone, needs replacing
  • Coupling (connection between motor and transmission), worn -out/broken
  • Lid switch not working
  • Replacing these parts individually costs $120 – $170

2)   Front Load Washer – doesn’t drain

  • Pump full of debris – clean out costs $100 – $120
  • Pump needs replacing – $120 – $200 (depending on the pump)

3)   Gas Range – oven not heating

  • Burner needs cleaning or igniter needs replacing – $100 – $230
  • Important: if you turn the oven on and smell gas, it becomes a safety issue and you need to call for service

4)   Dishwasher – not cleaning dishes properly

  • Needs to be cleaned –  $100 – $120
  • Replacing chopper (most common) or other part – $120 – $145

Posted by Leslie Andrachuk