We have to extend a thanks to the folks who run the nextMedia conference in Banff. They have nominated us, with four other great Canadian digital media properties, to their “HOTTEST CANADIAN EMERGING DIGITAL BRAND”.

We are honoured to be honoured!

Among the other nominees are”

www.savvymom.ca – a great site devoted to moms.
www.protagonize.com – an interactive site devoted to collaborative fiction
www.bitchinlifestyle.tv – a retro style blog….(not sure how to describe this, you’ll have to visit yourself)
www.notabletv.com –  another blog devoted to the newsworthy and notables in fashion, music, events and celebrities.

We assume they will be announcing the winner at the event in Banff, which we can’t attend. But we wish everyone the best of luck. All these sites are deserving and great.

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