This past Friday our Toronto office employees got together for the 2nd annual Freaky Friday Halloween party, put on by the Fun Committee. They went all out and collaborated on decorations made by a local Toronto artist. We thought others might like to see what the HomeStars crew got up to. Here are some photo highlights, gaze upon them if you dare!


The HomeStars logo that greets staff and visitors when they first walk into the office was given a creepy crawly transformation. Cobwebs and handmade giant spiders set the stage for the Halloween frights about to take place.

You can't have a Halloween party without candy. Reece's are a favourite in the office.Everyone knows you can’t have a Halloween party without candy, and we had plenty of it! Reese’s are a favourite in the office, just pick around the discarded limbs.


These jars were a real hit! An easy DIY, all you need are some recycled jars and print off labels. The artist used clear soap and food colouring to create ingredients any witch would love have in her kitchen. The locust legs dipped in spider venom were deadly!


Bouquets of stems and twigs with black water were found throughout the office. Spider webs also cover most surfaces, we’re going to be picking them off the plants for a long, long time.


Coffee tables around the office were adorned with spooky floral arrangements, very Addams Family inspired.

Who knew Mustard, the Devil, a Pink Lady and a 500 Error Code could have so much fun together!

Who knew Mustard, the Devil, a Pink Lady and a 500 Error Code could have so much fun together? Does anyone know where that ghoul came from…?


Sarah was nice enough to bring along her face paints for the party. Here she’s giving Stephanie (a foxy lady) some added sparkle while Ryan (several shades of grey) and David (a giant baby) look on.


The party was a great success and ghouls and ghosts alike had a hauntingly good time. Until next year, stay spooky!

Posted by Jessica Greaves