Consumers often associate home theatres with a lot of clunky equipment. Mike Widerman of Toronto Home Theater debunks these myths by showing us a sleek and modern home theatre that doesn’t skimp on picture and sound. 


Myth #1: TV’s are better than projectors

  • At the heart of this room was the 108-inch projection screen
  • Mike says from a price per inch standpoint there is far more value with a projection screen.
  • In this case you get a lot more screen for the price of a flat panel 5-inch TV achieve something like this for the same cost
  • Under the proper conditions Mike says the picture quality is just as good as a LED/LCD or plasma TV.
  • Projection systems aren’t limited to movies you can connect video games, television and just about anything else as you would with a TV.
  • Average cost of projection screen: $500-$3000
  • Average cost of projector:  $1200-$3600


Myth #2: Home Theatre = retractable screen

  • The correct way to install a projector is with a fixed frame on wall screen

Myth #3: Big sound = big, visible speakers

  • A big challenge in this room was where to put the speakers in this case they used a specialty screen that allows sound to travel through it and they installed the speakers on the wall behind the projector screen. This is the same technology they use in movie theatres.
  • They also added in ceiling and in wall speakers

 Myth #4: The projector dangling from the ceiling

  • None of that here. They constructed a custom space for the projector and blended it with the existing bulkhead in the basement.


Myth #5: Wires everywhere

  • No main components are visible, they are all tucked away in custom-built cabinetry and controlled using a universal remote.

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