Your entryway sets the tone of your home for you and your guests. It’s the first and last thing you see when coming or leaving your home so it should be well organized and welcoming. Whether your home has ample space or none at all, every house needs an entryway to come home to.

Key Items

Image courtesy of The Inspired Room

Every home is unique and requires different items throughout. No matter the size or layout of your home, here are the key items every entryway should have in order to make it as functional as possible:

  • Mirror – check your hair before you head out the door
  • Shelf – store your mail, phone, or mitts
  • Shoe storage – bins or trays or shelves, keep them organized
  • Hooks – bags and coats need a place to hang
  • Place for keys – never lose them again

Small Spaces

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When you think entryway, you maybe be thinking of a grand foyer seen only in larger homes. Think again, because even the smallest of homes can still find space for an entryway. The most logical spot is the wall right next to the front door. Even if you don’t have a ton of space to play around with, try adding a small shelf, some hooks and mirror to the wall and watch your instant entryway take form. You’ll be surprised by how homey a newly designated entryway will make your home feel.

A Place For Everything

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Your entryway should be a space where you can quickly grab the things you need when walking out the door. The easiest way to keep your entryway organized is to ensure there is a designated place for everything. Always misplacing your keys? Designate a dish for your keys and make a habit of always putting them in the same place when you come home. Can’t find your mail? Add a letter holder to your entryway so you have a spot for your bills and coupons.

Lighting & Scale

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Just like the rest of your home, proper lighting can make a big difference. Consider installing a focal point pendant light in your entryway to really make a statement. If hanging lights aren’t an option, try adding some decorative lamps to a console table. Having warm lighting will make you feel welcomed coming in, especially in the winter months, and who doesn’t want that.

Entryways are often smaller spaces, so think about scale when designing yours. While a larger mirror will help reflect light and make the space seem bigger, a cluttered small table will seem ill-fitting and make the space feel awkward. Put the same amount of effort into designing your entryway as you would any other room in your home to make it all feel cohesive.

Add Personal Touches

Image courtesy of Carlay Page

Your entryway is the first room people see when they come into your home. Think about how you want them to feel and how your entryway can reflect that. Incorporate art and family photos, paint your wall an unexpected colour, add a plant, and have fun with seasonal decorations. This space should be one you can experiment with and take some decorating chances, do whatever makes it feel like home to you.

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Posted by Jessica Greaves