We are just starting Saturday, day 3, and the show at the Vancouver Convention Centre is fantastic – filled with great exhibits and the new venue at the waterfront is spectacular. I’m told the parking is pretty reasonable as well – compared to other lots in the area. Opening night was packed and we had several people come by to see us for the 7pm cocktail party. The Habitat for Humanity team are doing a super job directing people over to our booth to write a review and donate to their ReStores – you can register here to donate if you didn’t get a chance.

On Friday I met stylist Janette Ewen, who is on HGTV’s Inside the Box at the Western Loving Lounge as I talked with Shannon Wong, and Brianna Doolittle at Urban Barn. Janette looks even better up close than on TV – how does that work! I need some of her secret sauce. Urban Barn sponsored the main stage and had some great pieces of furniture in their booth  – see pics below.

Our own booth 517 is packed with people today – a big thank you to Trisha Scott at Ready Set Show Staging for designing our space. So many people are stopping to ask where we got the white Barcelona chairs and floor lamp (pics in the gallery). Also thanks to one of Vancouver’s best movers – Ferguson – for delivering and setting us up for success! There is a reason they have 42 glowing customer reviews.

Companies I’ve taken photos of that are worth seeing today and tomorrow are;

Klondike Contracting: Susan & Jacquelyn (they have an ipad contest)

Arcon: Bryon Wilson (see the gorgeous outdoor room they created)

Centra Windows: Nolan Myles

Habitat for Humanity ReStores

Park Place Garage: Dan Robbins

Sony 3D lounge: Bronwen Miller & Lesley Broadhurst (they have very cool new toys!)

Golden Trim Hardwood Floors: Sharlene Lacroix

and Urban Barn


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