Giving Back Award Winners 2017 – British Columbia

The HomeStars Giving Back Award was created to recognize companies who go above and beyond to help out their communities. The following companies gave more than just monetary donations, they put in their time, effort and labour to give back in any way they can.

HomeStars would like to congratulate the following companies for the significant charitable work in their communities throughout 2016.


AAA Wildlife Control.

When asked about their community involvement in 2016, AAA Wildlife Control shared a story with us. “In January of 2016 the BC SPCA called our office requesting our assistance with a problem they were experiencing at their head office with rats. Upon inspection, we determined that the situation would require over $1,000 of work. We performed an extensive building inspection identifying all possible rat entries and active areas within. We spent over 6 weeks and countless hours and visits to their offices screening entry areas and monitoring one-way doors to humanely remove all rats before closing entries permanently. The BC SPCA is a non-profit organization with a mandate to protect and improve the quality of life of all animals. We decided that by donating our services, it would enable the SPCA to use that money to further their commitment to assisting all animals in need. A cause that our organization cares deeply about.” A truly incredible story!

AAA Wildlife Control

Adanac Roofing LTD.

For the last three years, Adanac Roofing LTD has sponsored Langley Christmas bureau where they sponsor a family for Christmas, buying them present and food so they can have a happy holiday.This year we had the pleasure of helping out a grandmother who had taken on her daughters two children as the mother fell victim to drugs. They also sponsor Little league baseball in Langley as their very own kids have played there and made a lot of good memories with that organization.  Adanac Roofing LTD loves giving back to these organizations as they say, “It gives us a really good feeling knowing we are making a difference for these families.” Congrats on the award and keep up the incredible work!

Adanac Roofing LTD

Gandy Installations.

Gandy Installations gives back throughout the year by supporting local minor hockey teams and donating to various fundraising events. During the winter months, they work to help support BlanketBC. This year a group of staff worked at a downtown SkyTrain station collecting donations and blankets. In the five hours they were downtown they collected well over $400 in donations and over 100 blankets for the charity. They continue to collect blankets through the month of December and in an effort to get more donations they offer their customers a 10% discount on their maintenance calls if they donate a blanket. As well, Gandy Installations is assisting a family that has a young three-year-old with SMA. A group of people have come together to renovate their home and Lennox, a Gandy supplier, has proudly donated a furnace and air purifier. Gandy Installations will be donating the installation work along with the new ductwork and sanitization duct cleaning after installation. They also participated in and supported Chrome for Kids which was able to raise $100,000 for Children Hospital Foundation. It is clear that Gandy Installations is built on hard work and commitment to their community!

Gandy Installations

I Find It Home Inspections Inc.

Paul and I Find It Inspections is the first to step up and help a community or person in need, any chance they can. Paul’s Movember fundraising campaign this year was very successful, in the end donating $500 to prostate cancer awareness. The company also donated $10,000 to a Church that was in need of funding for renovations. Paul finds ways to bring awareness to good causes with humour. He completed the social media “22 push up challenge” by finding new and funny ways/places in his community to complete the daily challenges.I Find It Inspections is a superstar when it comes to giving back and being a part of their community.


I Find It Home Inspections Inc.

JMT Roofing & Painting Inc.

JMT is a successful business that uses their opportunity to help those in need. They often volunteer at local food banks and donate their time and resources to surrounding schools and families. At the Food Bank, they provide support in multiple ways, from sorting and repacking donations and preparing hot meals, to making deliveries, distributing literature, and even recruiting other volunteers to assist. In addition, JMT has given back to the community by donating roofing labour and materials for many non-profit buildings. They have also provided roofs at cost for families in financial need countless times. They also find time to serve as active members of our church and to help tutor children in reading and adults in business management, resume writing and career mentorship. Abroad, they have donated large amounts to charities in India which provide medical services to blind children, and in many cases allowing them to regain their eyesight. What an incredible story of true compassion and generosity!

JMT Roofing & Painting

Mainland Ventures.

Mainland Ventures donated their time and professional services of three carpenters for a full week to the Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS). Owners Paul Pharaon & Mira Williams explained that these services were a gift from their company in order to help make the lives of the shelter animals better in whatever way possible.  The carpenters worked diligently removing hardware, stripping the old linoleum cage floors, sanding, priming, painting, adhering new linoleum floors and reassembling the cages for the cats. The cats will be housed in style and comfort while they wait to be adopted into loving homes. It is clear that Mainland Ventures truly care for animals, RAPS and the Richmond community in which they live and work. Congratulations to Mainland Ventures and Paul and Mira!

Mainland Ventures

Murrayville Plumbing.

Murrayville Plumbing responded to a call for volunteers by the Langley legion. They donated their service vehicle and employees to deliver and pick up poppy boxes as needed. In addition to this, they have also made a commitment to raise money for the Langley Food Bank with an anticipated donation of $5000. A big thank you to Murrayville Plumbing!

Penfolds Roofing & Solar.

When asked about their involvement in their community this year, Penfolds Roofing & Solar shared their story with us. “Each year Penfolds Roofing & Solar aims to increase their presence within the community and in 2016 employees came together to give their time for some great causes. The weekend of June 4th, a team of employees worked hard, in conjunction with The Home Team, to give a family in need a renovation to their home. To provide some much-needed relief from the stress of the work required on their home, they participated in roofing, painting, cleaning, dismantling and anything else they could assist with! This was then later revealed to the very deserving homeowner and aired on television. For many years now Penfolds has been a supporter and sponsor of the Salvation Army. Each year they attend “The Hope in the City Breakfast” event to show their continued support and donations, including this year in November. Most recently, Penfolds raised enough money to provide over 200 sandwiches as well as soup, hot chocolate and warm clothing for those in need in the DTES. On December 8th, employees stood in the cold to greet those in need with warm food, clothes and conversation.” Your involvement within your community is inspiring and incredible. Keep it up!

Penfolds Roofing & Solar

Vancity Electric.

Every year Vancity Electric takes part in “The Home Team project. The community gives recommendations on who is in dire need of a home renovation. Vanity Electric, along with other trades, will go in and completely renovate the home and everything including material and labour is donated. The family moves out for a week or two and when they come back the house is totally renovated. What an incredible project to be a part of!

Vancity Electric

HomeStars would like to congratulate all of the winners for their contributions to their communities. Keep up the amazing work!