Form follows function is a well known principle in modern design. While it’s true meaning is open to interpretation, discussion gravitates to the relationship between the use of an object/space and what it looks like.

I am a believer that function rules but not at the sacrifice of design. While many argue that “ornamentation” is a function, I disagree. Having things that just look nice is great but I find that it can easily over power and take over a space. That’s not to say I don’t have any ‘dust collectors’ (as I like to call them) but they are few and far between.

I’ll take you on a “walk” though my condo, to show you some of the ways that I optimize on space and utility and still maintain my decor.

If you have any ways in your home where forms follows function I would love to hear them; just leave a comment!

Keeping my hands free:

Coming home usually means I have stuff in my hands – suitcase, computer, groceries – whatever it is, I barely have motion to turn the key. That’s why I installed a motion detector for the front hallway. As soon as anyone enters, the light stays on. It’s also high enough that my dog won’t turn it on if she goes to the door to inspect sounds outside.


A common issue is the front hallway. Keeping it tidy is difficult, especially in winter. I have a narrow hallway so having shoes laying about is not an option. I found these amazing containers at Ikea. Not only do they keep things out of the way but the floor stays cleaner longer.

Pet friendly tools

I trained my dog to ring a bell when she wants to go outside. The first time I put something up she scratched the heck out of the wall and after a few weeks it looked terrible. I needed something that looked nice and protected the wall. Off to Home Depot for a sheet of Fasade Rings Oil Rubbed Bronze Backsplash. I trimmed it to the appropriate size and glued it to the wall. It matches the decor and looks fantastic! Plus, I don’t have to worry about scratches or dents.


Durability and cleanliness were key for me. Prior to working at HomeStars I wrote a personal blog post on my amazing floors (you can read my HomeStars review on Stonecote by clicking this link). Stone is very durable. Wood? Not so much. For this reason I chose hand-scraped wood that has natural imperfections so when my dog runs around or I drop something, it blends into the look.

Kitchen counter space:

I live in a condo and have a small kitchen but that doesn’t stop me from cooking (which I love to do). Keeping things readily available but out of the way is so important. Wall space I have lots of, so I bought some key components at Ikea to help me organize – A big magnet for my Cutco knives and a rail to hang things like paper towels, spices and tea.

Mini bar:

We entertain a lot so having a specific location to mix drinks is a must have. Since this is located in our dining room it also frees up a ton of space in the kitchen. I had a difficult time finding something that would work, as most pieces of furniture that are designed for this specific function are bulky and take up too much space. My solution was a few shelves and a drawer – everything off the ground and tucked away nicely.

Cable management:

We have a high-tech home – we installed our own media system but it also means that there are a lot of cables hanging about. This cable management system helps keep thing readily accessible but also keeps everything out of the way. I purchased these at (you guessed it!) Ikea.

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